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in my husbands email account, emails from yahoo accounts just

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in my husbands email account, emails from yahoo accounts just appeared in the trash folder, they range over a year (1-3 a month) and the body of the email looks like a instant message...some are like this "kathyferranteec03(19:56:15 (UTC)):I do think you're adorable also. ;)" some have meetsteam dot com in the subject and body....this happened after an iphone update....they were not in the spam or any other folder previously to the trash...where could they have come from? do deleted instant messages end up in the yahoo trash folder somehow? are they spam? thanks


My name is James

Welcome to Just Answer

Can I remote on and have a look at the Emails i can then tell you were they are from

I can Send you a link to Connect

Let me know

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The emails have already been deleted from the trash, but I took a picture of the screen before he deleted them

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Some of them look like spam, but some look legitimate. Is there some sort of messenger that when the messages are deleted they get sent to yahoo trash folder?


These look like spam Instant Message Requests /spam emails

What i mean by that is

When you have your IM open you get a request from a user you do not know

along the Lines " single in your area" etc

And that is what these look like

You can also tell they are spam by the face they hide the domain so the email gets thro


Meet at urs . com

Instead of just listing the or whatever the domain is

They are Spam, and should be deleted, Removed they are suppsoed to look real to get your intrest to sign up to the sites

They are look like spam to Me

Cheers James

Thanks James

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Come back if you have any more issues

Cheers James

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

How do they end up from the IM to the mail trash folder? Some of them look like spam but some don't have the domain in the subject, they just have an IM message. Is it possible that some are spam and some are legit? I'm wondering how they could have ended up in the trash folder, i.e. where would they have been deleted from to go into the trash folder. Because the trash folder, spam folder and inbox were all clear before this, and suddenly they were all in the trash folder and it was only messages of this type in the trash folder and they dated back to 2012. So it seems like they were deleted from somewhere all at once, however they were not in any of the other yahoo mail folders previously to this....

If you asking me 100% say that they are all spam

I can say that without looking at every mail

There is usually a folder on the left of Yahoo webmail Under

Instant messages if your online you can see your messages there

they can be moved into the trash folder

this is how i suspect the Trash Folder was filled up

You mention and Iphone

The Email is set up iPhone and yahoo Using Imap Which means it would sync the data on the phone to the webmail

So if they where in the trash on the iphone they would sync to the Webmail

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