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Ansh P.
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I have received a message that purports to be from Google telling

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I have received a message that purports to be from Google telling me that I am one of twelve Google users that have won prizes. In my case I am told that I have won 959,000 UK pounds. A pdf file was enclosed with the email message and is much more convincing than the usual scams which I normally discard. The message comes from Google Incorporation® and the sender is quoted as Matt Briittin CEO UK.

I suspect that this is another scam that must be discarded, but before I do that, perhaps you can let me know if you have heard of this one. I can copy the pdf file to you if you wish.

Regards, XXXXX New Zealand.

Welcome to

I am Tech Specialist and today, I will be trying my best to solve your issue.

This looks like a definite scam. Please see this: and this:!msg/websearch/w0xKUYe9Qy0/8f5Sh1j6-v4J

If the email is asking you about your personal data, it's nothing but a scammer's mail who wants to grab your personal info and misuse the same.

Hope this helps.
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