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Why am I being "bounced"? Nothing wrong on my end. I get notifications

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Why am I being "bounced"? Nothing wrong on my end. I get notifications from yahoo every
day saying my e-mails cannot be "processed", but they come thru just fine. All yahoo has to
do is use the same addy,XXX@XXXXXX.XXX. Comments??
Hi, and thank you for asking your question.

It looks like your Yahoo! account has been compromised, and as a result, unsolicited emails are being sent (and bounced back) from your account. In order to resolve this issue, and to make sure that your account would not be taken over in the future, please change your account's security questions and the password XXXXX

To change the password XXXXX your Yahoo! account:

Go to Yahoo!'s password XXXXX tool.

Enter the Yahoo! ID and password XXXXX for the account you're changing.

Type your current password XXXXX the "Current Password" field, then enter a new password XXXXX both the "New Password" and "Retype New Password" fields.

Note: You may experience fewer account security issues if you choose a strong password. See tips for creating a strong, secure password.

Click Save to submit and confirm your password XXXXX

To change your security questions set for the account, please carry out the following steps

Sign into your Yahoo! account.

Click on your name at the top of the page and select Account Info from the pull-down list. You will be required to verify your current password.

Under "Sign-In and Security," click Update password XXXXX reset info.

You can choose from of the security questions made available, or you can choose your own.

Click Save after you have provided your new information.

This should keep your account secure from future security threats, and well as resolve the issue with the bounced emails. Thank you.


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