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My vertical and horizontal scroll columns in my outlook express

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My vertical and horizontal scroll columns in my outlook express have disappeared. I used it this a.m. and it was fine. I went away for a couple of hours and came back to check my e-mail and this is what I found.

Shefin :
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I apologize that I did not get you on chat. However, I can assist you further in Question and Answer mode.
The issue may occur, if the "Zoom" feature is not set correctly. Try "Ctrl-0" (hold the "Ctrl" key down and type "0" [zero, not O]) to reset the zoom to normal.

If the issue persists, please let me know, so that I can assist you further.

My goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back, I am happy to address follow-up questions. Thank you for your business!

If you are happy with the response or the issue gets resolved, please remember to rate my service once you have all the information you need. If you have any other questions, please ask me – I’ll be happy to respond.

Thank you!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I tried this and nothing happened


The scroll bar won't appear if everything fits on one page. But if you're still not seeing it, it just means you've dragged the window off the edge of the monitor. Try double-clicking in the main title bar at the top of Outlook Express (at the very top, where it probably says "Inbox - Outlook Express" ).

If the issue persists, please let me know.

Thank you.
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