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Last night my MacBook Pro went haywire. I purchased it in late

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Last night my MacBook Pro went haywire. I purchased it in late summer 2008. The Mac Store partitioned the hard drive for me (1/2 space allotted to the Mac and 1/2 space allotted to Windows). I had to have Windows on my new computer for a new business I was starting to run the franchise's proprietary software.

Here's my problem and cause of extreme panic. Last night as I was attempting to assist my daughter with a Powerpoint for school, the computer started doing crazy things such as opening windows/boxes on it's own like a search/find box and several calendar boxes, and it would not allow me to exit those easily and get back up to the slide we were working on. They kept popping back up. It was as if someone else was manipulating my computer outside or around me. I attempted task manager to close out the unwanted items and it went nuts - blinking and showing green graphs and lists of hard drive files and flashing from one graph or list to the next. I restarted the computer, it did not improve or help. I attempted a virus scan and during that time - it was taking a while. I stepped away for a moment, forgetting that during our PPT work the computer was asking to perform an update. I kept declining so we could finish, and besides because of the partitioned hard drive, the computer will automatically open on the Mac side if you are not holding down the OPTION button, which then gives you the option to either open up the Mac side or the Windows side. So, when I stepped away for a minute, the computer must have restarted on its own. Then the computer was going nutty on the Mac side, which it has never done. I have had blue screen errors and slowness on the Windows side in the past. I've never had the popping up of the screens and other flashing and movement of icons on the Mac side.

All this said. the computer then would not restart at all. So, I just pushed the power button to turn the computer off and have been afraid to turn it on today. I want to take it to either a data recovery company or computer expert to retrieve FIVE years worth of data on the Windows side. That's where 99.9% of my data is (business data, personal data, photos, etc.) I'm desperate since I have been incredibly stupid and never backed up/stored my data to disk or any other storage service/site. I've been meaning to, but have been overwhelmed for the past 5 years, caring for two sick parents (one of which is close to death now), running a business and caring for my daughter. Sorry, I know this is long-winded.

Here's the question: what advice would you give as to where I should take my computer to ensure the data recovery is done right and so that I do not lose anything. The Mac store told me when they partitioned the hard drive that they would not work on the computer/Windows side since that's not their software. Obviously, if it's a virus, then Kaspersky's and Mcafee didn't do their job. I never open email attachments from any unknown sources. Could it be a hacker caused virus? We were using Comcast as a hard-wired Internet service provider and now, we have Verizon Fios - wireless.

HELP PLEASE! Please tell me where to take my computer to retrieve the data. Thank you so very very much!!!

Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your computer question.


If you are most concerned about the data you can send it to a data recovery service. If you google it the larger ones will show up first. They do pretty much nothing but data recovery and are very good at it.


In your situation it should not be hard to get the data off. In fact if you hook the drive up as a secondary drive to another computer than you should be able to browse it and copy anything off without much problem as the computer wont be running anything on the drive, so if it is a virus it wont be started.


If you want to try turning it on my advise would be to try to turn it on in safe mode. usually you can get there by hitting F8 repeatedly while starting the computer. and selecting safe mode.


If that works you can do a system restore to a couple of days ago before the problem started. But the thing you are describing sounds more like what happens when you have a key stuck on your keyboard or stuck button on the mouse or a bad connection between the keyboard and the computer and might be easily fixed by trying to plug a new keyboard in or a new mouse or just unplugging and replugging them in. or even starting without a keyboard to see if it stops the jumping around.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Robert. Which of the options would you do? If I were to hook it up to another computer, does it have to be a Mac or can it be a PC? And if I do, can I copy my entire hard drive data over to the PC? How do I go about doing that? What are the steps.


Would you trust a data recovery company with personal data such as social security number information from tax files, etc.? If I went this route....


If I tried 'safe mode', how do I get my data off. can I copy it to disc in safe mode?


Thank you.

I think I would try unplugging and replugging the mice and keyboard first or using different ones if you have them. If you can get into safe mode I would try that as well


Yes you can copy your data to another drive or to a flash drive if you are in safe mode just drag and drop or highlight it right click and select copy then open a window on the other drive and right click and select copy


I can understand your worries and I guess there is no way to be sure but those guys do a lot of work and I doubt they have time to go looking for personal data. But I cant guarantee it.


Yes you can use a pc and you should be able to read both parts of the drive but the pc side for sure. You might need some sort of program to read the mac side. I would have to look it up. it depends how it was formatted.