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I took my 4-or-5 year old Toshiba satellite A305-S6862 64 bit

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I took my 4-or-5 year old Toshiba satellite A305-S6862 64 bit to Office Max to find out why it wasn't working. Tech there said the hard drive is toast. He said rest of computer looks OK and thought it might be fixable with a new hard drive, but wasn't certain & couldn't do the job there. Recommended I take it to Fry's. Tech at Fry's said it would be fixable with new hard drive (but smallest they carry is a 500 something-or-other), but it would cost $400 to $500, so it might be better for me to buy a new computer (newer faster more powerful). I got the impression employees there are encouraged to push the new stuff.

If the only problem is the hard drive, do I really need a new computer?

What would happen if I bought a hard drive, put it in the computer, & ran the Recovery and Applications/Drivers discs that came with the laptop? And about what would it cost? I have Norton 360 with online backup, so should be able to get most of my documents back.

Does it take special skill to install a new hard drive?

Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do whatever I possibly can to help answer your questions. I am very sorry you have ran into this kind of problem and very sorry to hear that they were over priced. As far as it taking a special skill to install a new hard drive it depends on the person and the type of computer. First Boot MNGR doesn't mean the hard drive is really toast. Have you tried running your recovery software on that computer yet? Also How large of a hard drive are you wanting in your computer if the recovery software fails to install on that hard drive? It looks like your machine only has a 250 GB hard drive accourding to your models specs.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I tried running the recovery disks before I took it to Office Max. Both times it stopped on disk 2 with error message 10-FC12-045D. I don't know if the techs tried to run the recovery disks or not.

Ok let me ask you this was the recovery software burnt to disk by you or does it actually say Toshiba on the recovery disks? I just want to make sure. By the way to give you an idea a hard drive for your machine is not that expensive as you can see at this link:



This is what I would strongly advise. First check to see if those recovery disks were burned and not the hard copy if they are not the hard copy I would strongly advise getting the original recovery software directly from Toshiba by calling them at(NNN) NNN-NNNN That way you have a fresh copy. Now as far as the hard drive goes usually it can be replaced by locating and unscrewing the access doors on the bottom of the computer. If you don't feel comfortable doing this you can have someone put in a replacement hard drive for you. I would advise obtaining the original recovery software if it fails on a new hard drive. If you have more questions for me please let me know. However again you can get that hard drive cheaper than what they are asking.

Also even a local bestbuy would have them at a lower cost. If you have any further questions, please feel free to let me know...
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Charles, sorry for the long delay. Dish Network dropped out on me, but all the little blue lights are back on now.


These disks came with the laptop when I purchased it. They still had the cellophane wrapping on the jewel case when I opened it last Friday.


Is there anything more involved to the process than dropping in a new hard drive and running the disks?

Nothing else involved just keep in mind if you replace the hard drive and you are still getting the error it means you have faulty recovery media is all which is Toshibas fault not yours they may give you a new copy at not charge if it proves the software is just bad. Other than that You should be good.

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