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I have long used Handy Backup. It is the only backup

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I have long used Handy Backup. It is the only backup programme that I have found which, when working correctly, will back up attachments rather than the computer itself. That is what I need. But it is temperamental. I have it programmed to this new computer but it has gone wrong. I email the support programme and get the same person I got nine months ago on an earlier computer. That first time he quickly put things right. This time he starts ok but ten days ago reached the point of wanting to take over my computer. I agreed. Since then total silence. I repeatedly ask him to go on and nothing happens. 1. Would you try to repair my Handy Backup yourself? 2. Could you recommend to me a different backup programme which backs up attachments? 3. Could you help me to get past this silent expert to Novosoft to tell them their support system has gone wrong? John XXXX

Thanks for your question John. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I look forward to assisting you.

When you say attachments, are you referring to attachments within your Emails?

Or what attachments are you referring to?

Thank you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I mean a USB key on which I have all my working files and which I can take from my laptop to my desk computer.

Thanks John,

So to clarify, you need a working program, that allows you to easily backup your working files from your computer to the USB Key correct?

Thank you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No - the other way around. I have a daily programme which backs up the USB key with all my working files on it in my laptop to which this key is normally attached. I have a second programme which I work by hand occasionally, to back up this USB key on another external USB key for safety.

Thanks John

I advise you to use Second Backup.

This is similar to Handy Backup, but works much more reliably.

Once you set it up to backup the USB to the computer, it will run in the background and automatically look for changes to files, and back these up to the computer.

It is free for private use and you can download it from here

Click Me To View

Let me know please how you go with it.

Thank you
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