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I have a new computer with Windows 8. I have attempted to set

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I have a new computer with Windows 8. I have attempted to set up a Microsoft acct with the following results:
1. I can sign into Win8 if I have signed out
2. I cannot sign into anything else (which asks for my acct)
3. It says things like the acct doesn't exit (although I just signed in with it)
4. The acct name isn't available etc
5. It won't allow me to change the password XXXXX any screen (see 3. & 4.)
6. It won't allow me to do anything from any screen as far as fixing the acct screwup.
7. I think I need to delete the acct and start again (if it would let me) but I'm afraid it will
stop me from getting into the desktop (from which I can read my email and do a few
other things)

I have spent hours on this and have become extremely frustrated and disillusioned


Hi, I'm Robert and I'll be helping you with your computer question.


that sounds like you managed to create a local account on the computer without the Microsoft account.



What I would suggest is that you create a NEW Microsoft account at

make sure that you can get into that account with no problem at Microsoft sites such as


Then on the computer go to control panel / user accounts

ADD a user.

use this new Microsoft account for the new user


If you like that new user account you can use it and its not very hard to move most things from one desktop to the other. If you want the first one you can continue to use it but sign in to Microsoft accounts using the new account.


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


If I use my husband's email to set up the new user, can he (in the

future) use his own email to set up his own acct on his own, new computer?

Will I be able to use my current email (which is what I have used so far)

for the new acct?

yes he will be able to use his own email on another computer but it might at some point have options to link the 2 computers and the password XXXXX have to be the same. If you don't mind your husband having access to all your stuff ( I wouldn't with my wife but many people do ) than its a fine solution.


Yes you can add your current email if it works ( you said that you could not get into any Microsoft sites with it or maybe I misunderstood and you cant use that one for the computer )

You can add any email account to the email program that you are using on the computer. I can help you with that if you need it if I know which email program you are using. I find the standard windows 8 email app to be a pain but many people use it. There should be an add account button on it if you cant locate it I can get you better instructions to do so.


I have to run out so if you need more help before I can be back tonight or tomorrow please relist this


thank you