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I am trying to transfer tape from my JVC digital camcorder

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I am trying to transfer tape from my JVC digital camcorder GR-Dv300, to my windows 8
laptop, to be able to use my pinnacle software.
Hello and thank you for using this service,

Could you tell me more about how you are trying to use the "USB" to connect this camera? By looking at specifications, this appears to be an older mini-DV camera. Usually those are best used with a firewire connection, and real time recording with a application like Pinnacle.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the problem is, the camcorder takes a firewire connection, but the

pinnacle 14 editing software, does not have firewire connection, I could

only use USB. When I had help to connect it all, it did work, but I must do something wrong. The problem must be the fact that I don't know where

to connect it on the pc. Instruction on the pinnacle tells me that the video tape to be on the pc, before the software can import it. I tried the wizard with no luck. Where do I transfer it to.


It will be helpful to understand what you are working with , in order to transfer these videos to your laptop.

Pinnacle is just photo editing/recording software. It is what you would use with your computer , and your camera, to transfer these videos.

USB is a connection type you certainly have on your computer, but it will not be useful in this case. Even if your camera has a USB connection (I don't believe it does), you would likely not be able to use it with Pinnacle. What you will need is a firewire connection, and for that you need a compatible firewire cable, and an adapter on your computer. Your laptop may have this built in, or it may not. Many newer laptops do not have firewire. If it does not, there are USB to Firewire adapters available , but they will likely not work. In this case, your best bet would be to use a computer with a Firewire port, or a desktop computer, and then add a firewire port to it.

The firewire connection is necessary due to the older tape-based camera you are working with. What it does is allow you to play the video back on your PC with the Pinnacle software. You then record it real time as it is playing.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this, or want me to check on the model of your laptop to see if it has firewire. Also, if you have a desktop computer, I can recommend a lower cost firewire card for it if necessary.

Please remember to rate my help. I strive for EXCELLENT service. Laughing Rating positively does not cost, and helps me, where not rating or rating poorly hurts me. I continue to provide any needed follow up after rating on this question. Thank You.

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