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My Kodak Pulse 10" frame is not displaying Text on the menu

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My Kodak Pulse 10" frame is not displaying Text on the menu screens. And it cannot connect to the wifi. Will a reset fix this? I can't even see text on the troubleshootng screen. It shows pictures and symbols but no words or connectivity.

JBryan42 :

Welcome to JustAnswer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you today. Please do not rate this session until it has been completed.

JBryan42 :

A reset should fix this problem. It seems that sometimes the fonts get "lost" and so resetting the frame will reinitialize it.

Customer: How do I reset?
JBryan42 :

Give me just a second to get the instructions for you.

JBryan42 :

From the Kodak website:

How do I reset my frame to the factory settings?

IMPORTANT: Resetting a PULSE Frame:

  • Deletes all pictures

  • Deactivates the digital frame from your account

  • Returns all settings to factory defaults

To reset a PULSE Frame:

Press the Power and Health Check buttons at the same time.
The digital frame is reset and returns to the initial language screen. See your User Guide to reselect your language, reconnect to your wireless network, and reactivate the digital frame.

Customer: Still no text
JBryan42 :

hmmm ... ok. Give me a second to see what else can be done.

Customer: And since pictures are still there I don't know if it reset
JBryan42 :

ahhh ... yes, it definitely did not reset then. That would explain why the text still isn't showing up. Does anything happen when you press the "Power" and "Health Check" buttons?

JBryan42 :

Still with me?

Customer: Do I do this with the unit on or off?
JBryan42 :

Try with it on, that should turn it off and "reboot" it as well.

Customer: A screen comes up with just symbols. A trash can and an "x" in a circle
JBryan42 :

tap the x

Customer: Pictures
JBryan42 :

Pictures? Do you mean it's showing pictures?

Customer: Yep. Back to scrolling through pictures
JBryan42 :

Ok ... still not resetting. Try resetting again. If it comes back to the x or trash, tap the trash.

JBryan42 :

I'll try to find a user manual for this .. back in a minute.

Customer: Now a trash can appears and a solid circlr
JBryan42 :

tap the trash

JBryan42 :

It sounds like you possibly have a corrupted firmware ... I'm checking into it.

Customer: Text is back. Checking wifi
JBryan42 :


Customer: Seems to have it. Thanks for the help!
JBryan42 :

Anytime. Take care. :)

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