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I just recently cloned my 60gb SSD drive using easeus partition

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I just recently cloned my 60gb SSD drive using easeus partition master on to a new 120gb SSD drive. When i exchanged the drives so that it can boot from the 120gb SSD drive, windows 8 said it can't access the drive with a blue screen, saying its locked.
Thank you for using my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am going to assist you today.

To solve the lock issue, please connect the disk to another machine as slave disk, then go to the C partition (on the slave disk) to locate and delete the file "EPMBatch.ept" under Windows folder if it exists. After that, please connect the system disk back and boot from it.

Let me know if the drive still remains locked and we will move onto the next steps to resolve this issue.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Attachment: 2013-07-28_144448_windows_8_boot_error_2.doc

i see that my C: drive says boot for status, how do i get my E: from the status of NONE to BOOT?

The 'Copy Partition Wizard won't copy the bootable information such as MBR. So you need to use 'Copy Disk Wizard' in EASEUS Partition Master or 'Disk Copy' mode in EASEUS Disk Copy to get the results you are looking for.

Because the drive has already been copied you should use the repair MBR function to correct the boot option.

Rebuild MBR for selected disk as the following steps:

1. Select a disk to rebuild MBR;

2. Right-click the disk and select Rebuild MBR, or select in the main menu Disk -> Rebuild MBR;

3. Set up the type of MBR to rebuild in Rebuild MBR window;

4. By clicking OK, you will add a pending operation of rebuilding MBR.

You also can start over again and use the Copy Disk Wizard which will give you a bootable drive.

Just a suggestion but in the future if you need to copy a drive (an active drive with a full OS on it) I would suggest using it's free and it runs without windows being started, so all files and changes can easily be mirrored to another drive.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i used clone disk wizard, are you suggesting that i use copy partition wizard if i wanted to do it all over?

The official documentation for the EASEUS Partition Master says the boot record will not be copied if you use Copy Partition Wizard and it should have been copied if you used Copy Disk Wizard.

If the boot record is not showing on the drive you will want to fix the mbr.

If this was my drive that I was trying to clone I would start over and use as it's free and does the copy without windows running (which results in the cleanest copy of a drive including MBR records).
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok i have nothing to lose here so i will get the clonezilla and start over

It's an amazing tool and pretty fast because it's the only thing running on your system, I use it to clone Laptop drives to be swapped in for new employees.

I used Norton in the past and EASEUS Partition Master but both gave me issues where CloneZilla has always worked as expected and it's free.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

is there a way u can take over my pc and do it. this is giving me a headache

like teamviewer?

Unfortunately I am unable to do so clonezilla runs before windows boots (you burn it to a cd/dvd and boot it). So remote desktop programs would not work as windows is not running.

But that is what you want because when you're cloning an operating system from one drive to another you do not want that operating system running or the drive being accessed.

All you need to do is download CloneZilla live:

Burn it to a cd/dvd and boot from it.

Then follow the directions at:

The steps for a Disk to disk clone are really simple:

Prepare Clonezilla live
Boot your Clonezilla live via USB
Choose "ToRAM" option in the boot menu
Choose language
Choose keyboard layout
Choose "Start Clonezilla"
Choose "disk_to_local_disk"
Choose source disk
Choose target disk
Start cloning
Disk is cloned

Each of these steps is described in detail at the above link.
A video of the clonezilla process can be watched at:
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