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Several key people in our company just got DID numbers to help

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Several key people in our company just got DID numbers to help decrease call volume through the switchboard. A VP came to me and asked if he had to go into his iPhone and add ALL these new numbers to his contacts. We have a LOT of iPhones in our company so he was also concerned that some many people would need to do the same. I chose a nearby coworker who has an iPhone to test with. I went into the EMC and added his DID to work field under telephone numbers. Within a minute, it was there in his contact. I then called the VP who made the request and asked if my coworkers contact was updated on his iPhone. He said it wasn't. In fact, he said as I called he was going through his phone and deleting employees' contact that he knew was longer with the company. he's getting mail just fine so he's connected ok. Am i missing something? What can I do so that all myusers don't need to indivudally delete conatcts and/or update contacts? Thanks for any suggestions!
Hi and thanks for choosing Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to assist you.

If you update the user properties in EMC then it should absolutely sync with the iPhone if the iPhone is setup correctly. It sounds like it updated on your coworker's phone correctly so I would imagine the issue is actually with the VP's phone. A couple of items to check on the VP's phone:

Make sure his iPhone is setup for ActiveSync, not POP or IMAP. Only ActiveSync allows Contacts and Calendar entries to sync correctly. On the phone go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> and then tap the account in question. It should say Exchange at the top of the screen, not POP, etc. While you are there make sure the Contacts option is turned ON.

Make sure the VP is looking in the GAL on the iPhone. The changes you make in the EMC are reflected in the Global Address List on the iPhone. Most likely your VP is looking at this contact list from Outlook, which would not include the updated DID number. Open his Contacts, then tap Groups. Tap the Global Address list and then type the coworker's name. The contact should be there with the updated DID.

I hope that helps, but please let me know if you run into trouble with the instructions. Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks, Erik! He just dropped by my office and everything you suggested was correct. Bear with me since I'm not an iPhone user and our company just made a change from Blackberry so I'm ashamed to say this is "new" technology for me to support. His frustration is when he wants to just call "Larry," Larry isn't there at all. But when he taps groups, selects the list and does a search, Larry is there. This tells me I correctly added the inforation in the EMC. But i think his concern is valid that he shouldn't have to go through so many steps to find a contact. Most other users here are a LOT less educated than he and would never find this contact. What can i do, if anything, to make this a one-step process? Thanks again!

Ah yes Blackberry and iPhone are worlds apart! I feel your pain as I have had to go through that with clients many times.

Unfortunately that is as good as it gets when it comes to GAL support for the iPhone natively. There are third party applications that allow the GAL to sync to users' personal Outlook contacts and therefore to the iPhone (and Android) like this:

That is pretty expensive stuff however just for the ability to sync the GAL to the phones.

Another option I have used in the past is actually creating a new generic Exchange mailbox (called Contacts Account for instance). Into this mailbox I either import or create a list of contacts that all users need access to (e.g. your company employee list). Once I have all of the contacts added I add this mailbox as a second mailbox to the various mobile devices (iPads, iPhones, Droids, etc.). Then whenever a change needs to be made to a contact I only have to change it on that one account and everybody gets it. It's not the cleanest setup, and the initial setup is a pain, but after that it works really well and it's free.

Let me know if you have questions. Thanks!
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