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My Lenovo Netbook tells me, "Startup repair" Windows cannot

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My Lenovo Netbook tells me, "Startup repair"
Windows cannot repair this computer automatically.
That means that there is a corrupted operating system file ( or a bad hard drive ) that is beyond the systems ability to correct.

You need to go into the system recovery options that should be in the same place or you can hit F11 when booting up to get to them. If possible you want to do the backup that it offers first because it may wind up putting your computer back to factory specs where you lose everything.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We can't boot up.

well you can get far enough to get the startup repair function so you should be able to get to the system recover options. After it says cant repair it usually gives the system recovery as the next option

did it come with recovery cd's You can also boot from those

Or some of them have a little button near the power supply or on the top of the keyboard with 2 little arrows on it that will start the recovery process if you hit it when the machine is powered off.

But it may very well lose all of your work and reset it to factory specs.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It says," start up repair", Are you sure you want to exit?

Start Up Repair. and restart your computer, yes or no?

In a window beneath that it says, " view advanced options for system recovery and support.


yes thats the one you want to hit the view advanced options for system recovery and support

that should have an option to backup the hard drive which you want to try first it may or may not work. If it wont you have to decide if you want to lose everything to get the computer working or you would rather pay to take it someplace where they might be able to recover your old stuff.

After that hit the system recovery button
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The computer opened but is working painstakingly slow. I think the hard drive is overloaded. I will get it backed up. Thanks.

there are a few possibilities there.

Definately back it up as soon as you can. At the very least any documents or photos etc that you want you can at least copy them to a flash drive or cd Those are the things that you cant replace.

The hard drive may be going bad. You can click on my computer and then right click on the c drive and select tools and check for errors.

You may have some spyware or extra programs running that are slowing it down a lot. Try starting it in safe mode and see if that speeds it up a lot. If so running a good spyware program such as spybot search and destroy should help

You may have a bad memory chip. There are some diagnostic programs that will check for that. One of them should be in the same place where you got the system recovery options.

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