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error 0x800co155.2 comes up when attempting to start window

Customer Question

error 0x800co155.2 comes up when attempting to start window live mail.

Tells me another program, antivirus possibly, is somehow using the email info.

There are no other programs running.

If I open the Windows live mail using "run as administrator" it does open but immediately puts up a "not responding" window and must be closed.

I have reinstalled the mail program "windows live mail 2011 and upgrade to 2012.
I have removed the battery from my lap top and restarted the computer.
I have rebooted multiple times.

No joy. No work.

can use some guidance.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Martin replied 4 years ago.

Martin :

Hi there! My name is Martin and I'll be glad to assist you today.

Martin :

May I ask if you have a backup copy of your emails currently? We might need to remove Windows Live Mail from your Operating System then install it again.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, I don't have my emails backed up. I don't believe that there are any critical ones anyway.


I am currently running a lap top, toshiba sat. Would I be reinstalling this from an internet source?

Expert:  Martin replied 4 years ago.
Well if you'd like to backup your contacts and emails I can show you how.

Otherwise the basic steps to fix this error is to,

1) Uninstall all Windows Live Email versions you may have.

2) Download and install Windows Live Essentials by Clicking Here (Yes you would be installing this from Internet source: Windows Live Essentials Homepage)

Once it's downloaded, run the program and select "Choose what programs you want to install" from the two listed options.

Then in the "Select programs to install" screen, untick everything except "Mail". If there are any other services you see there that you'd like to use then tick them.

Once you've ticked the boxes you want, click Install.

Let me know how you go Mike.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Uninstalled and reinstalled and still same issue.


Not sure if it is related but my Sticky Notes program began having issues at the same time.


"Not able to launch Sticky Notes. Issue with accessing file. (Quit)"


is the message I get when attempting to start Sticky Notes.


Not sure what to do now.


Expert:  Martin replied 4 years ago.
Has your anti-virus done ran any updates lately? Could you verify if this issue persists on the administrator account as well and could you disable the anti-virus temporarily to make sure this isn't the problem?

Many times anti-virus programs will automatically update and install new software which causes issues similar to this.

A more thorough test could be done by booting into Safe Mode with networking enabled. You can access Safe Mode by restarting your computer and holding the F8 key on your keyboard.

The "Advanced Boot Options" screen will come up. Using your arrows (up and down) select the option that says "Safe Mode with Networking" and press enter.

Please try to replicate the errors you were having before within Safe Mode. If the problem doesn't persist then there's a good chance your anti-virus or another program loaded up in startup (programs that are set to automatically start with windows) are causing your errors.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am taking this to a local computer guy. This is getting more frustrating.

Thanks for your time. It just ain't working. Something is hanging up the email program and I just can't find it.



Expert:  Martin replied 4 years ago.
No problem Mike, I hope you can get this issue resolved.

If there is anything else we can help you with don't hesitate to contact us.

Take care!