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Michelle, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 5473
Experience:  B.Sc. Computer Science with Honors
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Hi I have a ux31 series ultra slim. When I turn it on a picture

Customer Question

I have a ux31 series ultra slim. When I turn it on a picture comes on the screen briefly and says Asus and then it goes to grey and won't let me do anything. How do I fix this?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Michelle replied 4 years ago.

Michelle :

Hello. My name is Michelle and I will be assisting you today.
i am sorry to hear that you are facing this issue, but do not worry, i will try my best in assisting you to diagnose the problem

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : Thank you
Michelle :

please let me know that when you turn on the laptop .after flashing the asus logo does the screen go blank or stays stuck on asus logo screen

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : It goes blank but with a back light. So it's kind of a grey colour
JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : If it is plugged into power then it stays on a white screen
Michelle :

ok..can you take out the abttery

Michelle :

please try the below

Michelle :

restart and tap the f2 key

Michelle :

let me know if you get the bios screen or not

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : So I tried hitting the f2 when it was starting and there was no difference
JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : So sometimes it says Asus and sometimes it has a picture of a building and a sun and a cloud
JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : When you say take out the battery, do you mean the power cord or the physical battery in the computer?
Michelle :


Michelle :

by battery i mean the physical battery but i do understand that few slimline series notebooks have the battery attached through screws unlike the conventional latch\slider thing

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : Yeah I don't think I can take it out
Michelle :

so if on your laptop the battery is attached with screws please do not take the battery out

Michelle :

also please let me know how old is this laptop

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : It's not a normal screwdriver hole
JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : We got it in march
Michelle :

yes...please do not take it out because if its within warranty, we would not try any step that voids the warranty cover

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : Less than months old
JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : *4 months
Michelle :

ok..please try the below..restart computer and tap the f8 key..let me know if you get anything on screen

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : Pressing the f8 stopped the image coming up and then it went straight to the grey screen
JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : Oh wait
JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : It made the login appear!
Michelle :


Michelle :

please try logging into windows

Michelle :

let me know how it goes

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : But then it disappeared
JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : I start typing in the password and then the screen fades away
Michelle : basically the laptop is responding to the keys we press but then its the display thats going out

Michelle :

press any key on keyboard or press the windows key and check if anything happens

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : Nothing happens
JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : Only the f8 works really briefly
Michelle :

ok..restart and tap the f2 key this time

Michelle :

let me know what happens

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : The f2 just blanks out the picture faster
Michelle :

ok got it

Michelle :

before this problem started were you running any updates on the computer or have added any new hardware recently like printer, webcam, flash drive, internet dongle etc

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : No I havent
Michelle :

ok..the problem seems to be related with the hardware and possibility of software issue is not there

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : Does that mean I need to take it to get fixed?
Michelle :

the system seems not to complete the post sequence causing it to come up with a no display\intermittent display issue

Michelle :

when you tap the f8 key, does it come up on a menu screen or staright goes to windows login screen

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : It goes straight to the windows login box and asks you to enter a password
JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : And then it fades away
Michelle :

ok got it

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : The keyboard is working as I can see the password going in
Michelle :

the problem is a hardware one..we could have checked the hardware part on chat but if i try those steps with you that would void warranty, thus i would suggest to call at below contact# to get an in warranty service

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : Ok. Thank you for your help
Michelle :

1300-27878809:00-18:00 Mon-Fri

1300-278788 09:00-18:00 Mon-Fri
Michelle :

I hope I’ve provided the information you were seeking. If you are happy with my service, please provide a
rating. If not, please let me know so l can continue to help you. I would appreciate if you would rate my answer to this question considering that in case of hardware faults i can tell what part is faulty but cannot make a bad part work again.Thank you.

JACUSTOMER-avwg0665- : You were a great help
Michelle :

thanks..please feel free to contact me in case you need any help in future and i will be glad to assist

Michelle :

you may click on a smiley to rate the chat

Michelle :

thanks for choosing just answer