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Hi, I have a J2534 pass thru interface, its a Bosch Vetronix

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Hi, I have a J2534 pass thru interface, it's a Bosch Vetronix ES6510 FLASHER, this unit works perfect in windows xp sp3, I'm looking the driverss for windows 7, I can find it in the manufacturer's web page: only firmware update but for windows xp sp3. Now Vetronix is part of Bosch group:
That site seems to only have the firmware updates for the actual device.

I cant find anything for it on the bosch or ventronix websites

I may misunderstand what it is but my thoughts are that it is a piece of diagnostic equiptment for a car that gets used with a diagnostic program that runs on the computer. It is the program itself that would have to be installed on the computer and that should have the drivers as part of it. The last one i saw bosch wanted to sell you the entire laptop pc and router in order to make the system work so it may not be that easy to get the software / drivers from them seperately. But if you do have the software have you tried just installing it ? Otherwise you are probably going to have to call bosch and pay for the upgraded software.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry for delay, yes, this is a diagnostic interface, the basic problem is that the interfacee comes with his own software (update utility and driverss) when i install in xp sp3 works greeat, no problem, but when I itry to install in windows 7 the windrv6 driver can't be installed correctly. The major problem is with the Nissan Ners ECU reprogramming software, this software, last version 3.00, retrrieves the next error in xp: "System Exception, Clic "exit" to closee the application" but in windows 7 the software works fine but my J2534 interface only works in windows xp at this moment.

This J2534 interface from Bosch isn't the newest, I paid us$1,650 dlls 4 year ago and for the newest I'll need about us$1,700 to 2,300 dlls.


what is the exact error message that you receive when you try to install it in windows 7 ?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

In device manager : ES6510_usb : device can not start

have you tried more than one usb port ? there are different types of usb and they are never marked differently but some devices require the type 2 port


I hate to do firmware updated unless I am sure that it will solve an existing problem because when they fail they can make the device into a useless paperweight but that might help.


But at the end of the day I think you need a software update from bosch and you may have to just yell and scream and threaten to sue them if you paid for their software and it wont work under windows7. But they might also just say oh yes you are a paid customer no problem we will send you the windows 7 version of the software.

Robert M. and 4 other Computer Specialists are ready to help you