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I forgot to save a ms word 2013 document last night and now

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I forgot to save a ms word 2013 document last night and now can't find it anywhere. I have been trying to find it the auto-recovery location but I cannot seem to find that Autorecovery is set to 5 mins so there should be something

Already Tried:
Looked at the autorecovery location and then tried to find that folder, but could not

Step 1: In Word 2010 and 2013, click File > Options > Save;

In Word 2007, click Office Button > Word Options > Save to see where the AutoRecover file locates in your computer.

Step 2: Click File > Open in your Word 2010, and navigate to the AutoRecover file location.

Step 3: In the file type dropdown list, select All Files. At this point, you should see one (or more) files within the extension .asd. These are the lost word documents.

Note : if the document is new and never been saved, the file name will be something like “AutoRecovery save of Document 1.asd"。

If the document was already manually saved, but you lost intervening work between saves, it will have the name of the saved document (e.g, “Autocovery save of Remove indents.asd“)

In the AutoRecover file folder, select the lost word document and click Open to recover the lost word document. In some cases, the .asd file may not even have an intelligible. If no file in the directory has the expected file name, open each .asd file until you find the one that contain your missing work.

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