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John, Computer Support Specialist
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I recently purchased a Lenovo Ideapad Z580 running Win 8.

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I recently purchased a Lenovo Ideapad Z580 running Win 8. Today I made system image to an external drive. When I came back some time later, it had finished but the whole laptop was hung up. The only thing that will function is the cursor which will move but not do anything else. Ctr-Alt-Del results in no action. Nothing you can do results in any action. I waited for over a hour to no avail and finally unplugged the unit only to realize that it switched over to battery power which is now draining down. What can I do?

John :

Hello my name isXXXXX will be assisting you today.

John :

Sir is it still On ?

Customer: Yes
John :

OK turn it off please do the following
press and hold the power button for few seconds and it will turn off the laptop.

John :

Then wait for 20 seconds in the mean time you can plug in the power cable too

Customer: Ok, done. I did not know you could do that.
John :

Only in emergency situations.if you do it frequently it will damage the hard drive

John :

did you connect the power source back?

Customer: Yes but have not turned the power back on.
John :

Please turn on the power then turn on the laptop and see if loads normally to windows 8 and let me know

John :

let me know if you get into any trouble

Customer: It seems to be back to normal now. I just did not know how to turn it off or even if I should. This is a touchy question in these situations.
John :

OK i believe you got everything back to normal.Is there anything else you like to know ?

Customer: Any thoughts on why it hung up? Is this common on this unit?
John :

I believe the image creating process finish successfully if so cannot find any specific reasons
Usually it happens once the process you gave finishes and do not get response to quit or close.The other possible reason is because of hard drive reading issues

John :

If this happens frequently then i suggest you run a disk check up to see if there is any errors

John :

If it finds any errors that cannot be repaired then you need to take it to the lenovo service center to replace the hard drive also make sure you windows update is enabled

Customer: Thanks, John. Bye
John :

you are welcome sir,If you are satisfied with my services/answer please rate me using the options just below this chat box select the rating and click on submit that will do it.Have a Great God Blessed Day. If you need any help in the future please use this link to ask for me

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