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Experience:  I have a BS in Computer Science, an MS in Integrated Science & Technology, as well as prior military experience.
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Excel Question;I need someone to answer multiple questions.The

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Excel Question;

I need someone to answer multiple questions.
The first questions;
I need to have someone create a Custom Format that;

Create a Microsoft Excel Custom Cell Format that changes with the size/length of the number ie (1=1.000, 10=10.00, 100=100.0, 1000=1000)
Try formatting the cells using the custom-defined "#.000"

This will get you the appropriate decimal place, but will put three zeros behind all values.

Next, click on Data Validation which is located under the Data/Data Tools tab. Select Text length from the allow drop down box, and then select equal to under the data drop down box. Finally set the maximum to 4.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



I believe i followed your directions correctly.


However when i enter a number I get the ERROR:


"The value you entered is not valid,

A user has restricted values that can be entered into this cell?


i just put the number 12 in and got this message.


Any more information to solve this?


I have an estimating program i am working on and i enter quantity numbers from .123 to 9999.


Any other ideas?


Thanks Gary


Gary, sorry that this didn't solve your problem. Before you restrict the length of the cells, what output are you getting?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It won't let me NOT enter a number in the length feild

Are you getting it to work on your excel?



Gary, I'm getting mine to work, but I may be misunderstanding something you are asking.

follow this link, and try and reproduce the first example. It may be necessary to remove the '#.000' formatting.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK... so what are the instructions to create this format?


Thank you



If the #.000 formatting isn't working, then try and have the formatter set it up automatically.

Do this before you limit the length. Also, you may have to limit the length to 5 instead of 4, because the decimal point may count as a character
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


OK... I think i got it. Originally i wanted the same number of characters in the fields.


But... i can live with this.


How are you at macros?

Gary, glad you got it! I've never attempted Macros. Excel isn't my strong suite, and I use it when I have to, but not much more. Is it something specific? I may be able to knock it out for you.


Macros are based around a record-and-run setup. Simply press record, do the macro, then stop recording, and payback

Here is a video:
Gary, just checking in. If you require further assistance, please let me know.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Yes... i was satisfied with your response.


I have several Excel Macro or VBA solutions that i need answers too.


Are you good a Macros and VBA solutions? Or do you know someone who is?


And how do i get you paid?





Gary, I really appreciate working with you, but unfortunately I am not the best with Macros. I don't really use them, and wouldn't feel confident in giving you advice. I recommend that you repost the question with a more specific title. Something like "Need help with Excel 2007 Macros."

As far as getting paid and closing this particular question, all I request is that if you found my responses to be satisfactory then please leave me a positive rating. It may also show up as "Rate My Question".

I will look around and see if there are other experts that would be better suited to your new question; however, I am new here and don't know many others.

Thank you again, you have been fantastic to work with!
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