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Why are the photographs I am uploading to my computer being

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Why are the photographs I am uploading to my computer being saved as low resolution? I need them to be high resolution for off-set printing (at least 300 dpi) and they are all 120 or 72 dpi. Help!

Hi and welcome to Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX will be assisting you today.


I'm going to need a little more detail about your situation before I can help you. Are you referring to a Scanner that's not scanning in a high enough DPI? If so, what is the make and model of the Scanner and what software are you using to scan?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Carl:


No... I have a Canon PowerShot SX10 IS camera and I have shot many images that are to be used for print. I have uploaded them to my Sony laptop using Windows 7 and they are saved as jpgs. in my pictures. When I click on "properties," it says that the images are only 120 dpi and they need to be at least 300 dpi for off-set printing.


What is strange is that I have printed these images before (on a huge 4' x 3' canvas) and there were no resolution problems -- although I can' confirm what the dpi was then.


The long and short of it is that the calendar company that has licensed the images needs them at 300 dpi and they are only in 120 at the most -- which makes me believe that the computer software is somehow reducing them for storage or...? Does this make sense?





Thank you for the clarification. It makes complete sense.


What is the image resolution settings set on for the Canon? Also, are you performing a copy and paste transfer from the Canon to the Sony or are you using an importing software to transfer them? I can help with either situation, I just need to know so I can give you the correct procedure to fix this.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I can't find any "image resolution settings" on the Canon camera... Someone else had suggested that this might be the problem, but I can't find any setting to adjust (sorry I sound so lame!)...


As for the importing, I use the Canon importing software.



Ok, when you're in shooting mode, press 'Func Set' and use the up / down arrows to select the icon with the L to the right of it. Next, press the left / right arrows to change the resolution size. L is the largest and best quality whereas S is the smallest and least amount of quality. Try shooting a couple images in 'L' mode then import the picture(s). If that fixes the DPI issue, you're going to have to retake the pictures unfortunately. If you are still getting the same DPI after setting it to Large, the issue is with the Software. I just looked in the Software Guide and it appears that the only option to change the image size is when you export the files.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks, Carl... My camera is already set to L... Is there ANY way to increase the dpi on the existing images? I can't retake them -- they are of animals in Mexico... Sort of a once in a lifetime thing...

You're welcome and thank you for the high rating!


You can always resize the image so it's larger thus increasing the DPI but you will loose some quality. A good Software to use with directions on increasing the DPI to 300 can be found here: