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Can You Use 12VDC Car Batteries for an APC BX1000 UPS Unit

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Can You Use 12VDC Car Batteries for an APC BX1000 UPS Unit?
Hello, My name is Chris. The car batteries would work because they are 12v and that makes them compatible. Fitting in the UPS case is another story. I suppose maybe a motorcycle sized one may work. Again, all the same voltage as long as the connection is proper or you wire it yourself it would work power wise, and not damage anything.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Chris, my name is Marty,
Since I'm an Electronics Instructor at the local Junior College and a "Certified Industrial Electronics Technician" I understand that matching a 12VDC system is OK. However, I'm wondering if the APC BX1000 battery charging circuit would have problems with a "Deep Cycle" 12VDC high AH battery. Have you any knowledge of mating a high Amp Hour 12VDC battery with a 1KVA (small) UPS system with a large AH battery?
Please advise.
I have experience with Leibert units and APC. There is no information on doing this, it would be a test. APC or Leibert will tell you that you can't use them. How it would affect charging, I am not sure. Would it damage your equipment absolutely not. I am glad to opt out here though if you would like another opinion. If you decide to test it, let the rest of us know and we can all save money!Chris
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I think this is a risk I’m willing to take since this UPS system is one of many.
First I’ll fully charge the replacement battery and hope the UPS can handle the
Trickle charging of the battery. On the upside this should provide me with a much longer
Period of operation since the battery has a much larger Amp Hour capacity.

I’ll let you know how it works if you want.

BTW-I was thinking I could sign-up as an expert due to my experience and education.
Please let me know how this would work.


Marty McKinsey [email protected]
Sounds great Marty! That is exactly how I joined the site as well. I was looking for expert advice on appliances. You will see at the bottom of almost every page "Become an Expert". After you do this, you will fill in your credentials and take content tests for the areas you want to work. They will go through their verification and contact you. Have a great day and do let me know if the charging works. I have a ton of those devices as well and they are pricey to replace the batteries.