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How can I unlock the monitor so that I can turn it off instead

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How can I unlock the monitor so that I can turn it off instead of unplugging?

Jason : Hello and thank you for your question today. My name is Jason. I look forward to helping you today.
Jason : May I ask for you to elaborate on your problem a little?
Jason : As of right now, is the monitor on or off?
Customer: The monitor is on
Jason : Thank you.
Jason : So, the monitor simply cannot turn off?
Customer: Right
Jason : oh okay
Customer: What's next?
Jason : Well this is a very curious issue.
Jason : Is turning the screen off a requirement? When the computer is shutdown, it will send a signal to the monitor to go into standby mode, which is just as good as being 'off'.
Jason : I have 4 monitors connected to my computer. When I shutdown for the night, I just shutdown the computer.
Jason : When you turn it back on, it will send a signal to the screen to 'turn back on'.
Jason : If you wish, you can unplug the power to the monitor, wait 30 seconds, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds, plug the power back in, wait another 30 seconds, and then release the power button.
Jason : That will reset any such thing that may have happened.
Customer: It is not a necessity, but when I am away I prefer to turn it off. When it is sleeping, it takes FOREVER to wake it up and be able to use it. It usually takes several minutes before I can actually use it, because the internet recognition takes so long.
Jason : oh
Jason : I am not referring to the computer 'sleeping'.
Customer: I will try your suggestion
Jason : When you turn the computer off, it will put the monitor into sleep mode.
Jason : When you turn the computer back on, it will "unsleep" the monitor.
Jason : Okay
Jason : THank you
Jason : How is that working out?
Customer: YES! It worked! Thank you soooo much.
Jason : :)
Jason : Fantastic :)
Jason : You are super welcome.
Jason : Thank you for your time.
Jason : I look forward to your next message or your rating below. To rate me, you can click one of the faces below and click Submit/Ok or click the Accept button.Thank you again, - Jason
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