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1. Is it true that Google has something to do with the Searchnu

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1. Is it true that Google has something to do with the Searchnu or Search new virus as claimed in a forum I read.

2. Is there anything Google can do to help find this in my 'puter. Virus has been hijacking chrome in particular since the beginning of the year.

Trend is helping actively at present with no luck so far. Does Google and Trend work together on this kind of problem? The last instruction they gave was to access google tools , manage add-ons but could not find a manage-add-on button.
Hi, I will assist,

I'm sorry about the issue.

1. No, google and searchnu are different.

2. Google is a free service, so they don't provide live support. Google and Trend and other companies are independent; they don't really work together.

But I can help you fixing this issue.

Have you gone into Settings in Chrome, then click on the Extensions option and remove it if it's there?

Can we do a screen sharing session, so I can check and fix this issue directly for you?

Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Nothing of that nature in extensions option. Only 3 extns. one from Skype and two from TrendMicro.

Happy to do a screen sharing session as long as you can tell me how to go about that.

Thank you for your response

You're welcome. If possible, please go to the website below in Internet Explorer (the big 'e' program icon), and allow the ScreenConnect sharing program to run:

Thank you

I'm sorry, did you go to that website in Internet Explorer yet? Try all options it gives you as needed. If your computer still cannot connect, please try the following:

In chrome, can you go to Settings again,
, then click on Set pages in the "On startup" section, then move the mouse over to any bad item if available, and click on the x on the right of it (it will appear), then click on it to remove, then click OK.
(if needed, you can also click on Set pages, then type in the home page website you want, such as then click OK.)
, then under Search section, make sure the search engine is set to Google.
, then close Chrome, and re-open Chrome and check.

If it does not work, please reply, so I can help further.


Edit: It looks like you are away; please reply back when you are available to continue. Thank you,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Whew! Had to get to another computer to communicate. My computer slow so couldn't reply promptly. Couldnt open Explorer by any means), sent report but seems it got lost in the sending (same time as your last instruction.)However did follow the above. The prog has now been downloaded and appears to be running, though I am unsure. Hope you really are connected. I'm not game to touch my computer without advice as to how long this process might take and whether or not things are running as required.
I'm sorry, your computer could not connect. Did you restart the computer yet?

Can you please try my suggestions in my last reply? Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Computer was restarted once today by someone who is more knowledgeable than I. The screen had frozen by that stage and he showed me how to call up the task manager.

Instructions re going into settings again were then followed.The http/67 etc prog was then downloaded and run. In error, this was downloaded a second time it is at this point the screen is frozen (stuck on attempting to join) although it appears to be doing so. There was an instruction that if I want to get out of this I have to right click on the special red-coloured icon on the tab.

If I cannot close prog at Tab, can I do this through ctrl alt del then task manager?
?Other suggestions.
I'm sorry, I thought you only have issue with Chrome, now the whole computer/windows is corrupted.

Are you able to go to Safe mode with networking and use the computer (press key F8 after turning on the computer)?

Thank you
I have resolved the issue via remote support. If you need anything else later, please let me know any time. Please rate my service below. Thank you very much.
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