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Joshua C.
Joshua C., PC Technician
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I use to analyze and serve the visitors to my

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I use to analyze and serve the visitors to my website. Recently, the company that I hired to drive traffic to my website begin having trouble getting the visitors to show up as visitors to my website. Something must be done to coordinate the 3 so that each campaign works together to avoid the descrepancies that keep occuring. I do not know how to coordinate the tracking code with the information on TMI so that we can track the visitors properly. Help???

Joshua C. : Thank you for using my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am going to assist you today
Joshua C. : What I would suggest doing for the situation you are describing is to add another tracker to your current website code
Joshua C. : Its quite possible that the traffic that is being directed to your website is not java enabled or blocks the scripts the TraceMy Ip uses
Joshua C. : Its also possible that the traffic that is being directed to your website isn't actually being directed to your website
Joshua C. : I would highly suggest that you add GetClicky ( to your website for tracking
Joshua C. : as well as Google Analytics (‎)
Joshua C. : Then you can view the three separate tracking resources and determine if the company you are paying is actually directing traffic to your website
Joshua C. : There is also a possibility that the traffic that is being directed to your website is coming in as new visitors and not including the originating domain information
Joshua C. : It all depends on how the traffic is being sent to your website
Joshua C. : Website traffic tracking doesn't always work depending on the code that the tracker uses
Joshua C. : Some rely on java scripts which do not run on mobile browsers
Joshua C. : And some people block scripts from running
Joshua C. : Some trackers allow for java scripts and non java script tracking which is a better solution
Customer: Joshua,I am so computer illiterate. I do not know how to do the things that you are suggesting. You have my login and password XXXXX my site:
Joshua C. : Oh
Joshua C. : Sorry I didnt notice your user name
Joshua C. : I will log in and make the changes that I suggested
Customer: If I sent you the login and passwords to the other companies involved. Will you take care of this for me?
Joshua C. : Yes I can review what is going on and make the necessary changes
Joshua C. : Just as I have done before =)
Customer: TraceMyIP has been installed. It is at the bottom of the side bar on the right side of the page. My login:[email protected]: grhema2012tmi
Joshua C. : I've setup a clicky account for you and included it in the website
Joshua C. : The login information should have been sent to your email address
Joshua C. : You can login and see the tracking at:
Joshua C. :
Joshua C. : The username isCustomer/span>
Joshua C. : and the password XXXXX XXXXX same as the one for your wordpress website login
Joshua C. : I've looked at tracemyip and im using clicky to verify the information they are providing you
Joshua C. : so far is not showing any visitors while tracemyip is saying there is 3 online
Joshua C. : Wait clicky is now showing traffic
Joshua C. :
Joshua C. : Is showing in the get clicky tracking
Joshua C. : On tracemyip you can see the pages that are directing traffic to you at
Joshua C. :
Joshua C. : Everything is working correctly
Joshua C. : And you have two tracking sources now to verify the information that is being presented to you
Joshua C. : Just so you know the traffic that is being directed to you so far is from brazil
Joshua C. : Which is some of the cheapest traffic to buy
Joshua C. : I'm monitoring the traffic and will continue to do so to see if you are getting value from the links you are paying for
Joshua C. : So far the traffic is just people loading your main page and then leaving
Joshua C. : Which isn't valuable traffic
<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer: HERE are conversations with eTRAFFIC247
Customer: Hi Elliott,Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, we don't have any specificsuggestions except that the tracking code should be at the top of thepage.There are so many different 3rd party trackers that we do not haveexpertise in any of them since they are all vastly different in how theytrack traffic.Regards,eTRAFFIC247.comCustomer Support> Customer Support,>> I use TraceMyIp to track my activity concerning my visitors to my website.> I do not know how to coordinate the tracking code with the information on> TMI so that we can track the visitors properly. Do you have any> suggestions?>> Who can I get to set this up for me or coordinate this for me?>> Elliott>>> In a message dated 5/21/2013 1:56:40 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,>[email protected] writes:>> Hi Elliott,>> Thank you for your message. We have reviewed our server logs and they> show that traffic is being driven to the URL ->>> Please make sure that the tracking code that you are using is implemented> correctly as this can have a major impact on traffic discrepancies.>> Regards,>>> Customer Support>>>>>>> From: XXXXX Hightower>> Email: [email protected]>>>> ------------------------------------------------------>>>> To Whom It May Concern:>>>> Something is going on wrong with my traffic. I have enough campaigns> going>> to see more results than I am seeing. For the last week, I have not>> seen>> ANY>> visitors to my site that were sent by you. The counter on my sight does> no>> reflect the visitors, nor does my live feed (FEEDjit) show that NO> traffic>> was driven by you. Two of my campaigns involve visitors being sent to>> Facebook pages. They seem to be working fine, for I have seen the>> number>> of>> visitors increase but the likes are not increasing. I know that can be>> because of the content or the lack of instructions to the visitors>> about>> liking the page.>>>> To start working on the problem, I suggest that you check to see if you>> have>> my website correct on all the other campaigns. The correct website is:>>>>>> Where are the visitors that you are driving for my campaigns being sent>> to?>>>> Sincerely,>>>> Elliott M. Hightower>>>> ------------------------------------------------------>>>> Office Use Only:>> From: XXXXX>> Email: [email protected]>> Login Name: Not logged in>> Login Email: Not logged in>> IP Address: ->> Host Address:>> Date and Time: Mon May 20 2013 15:22:16 CDT>>>>>>>>> -->> Customer Support>>
Joshua C. : Are you also using
Customer: Hi Elliott,Thank you for your message. We have reviewed our server logs and theyshow that traffic is being driven to the URL - make sure that the tracking code that you are using is implementedcorrectly as this can have a major impact on traffic discrepancies.Regards,eTRAFFIC247.comCustomer Support
Joshua C. : Are you also using to buy traffic?
Customer: Yes. This one seems to be working for me.
Joshua C. : I can tell you without a doubt that eTRAFFIC247 is not showing any traffic being directed to your website
Joshua C. : Also is directing traffic from brazil to your website
Joshua C. : And 100% of the traffic is just viewing your main page and then leaving the website
Joshua C. : As a web designer I have to tell you that these clicks are not useful to your website as they are not creating long term viewers to the website
Customer: Here is the other company's report that I am suppose to be receiving traffic from: Hello, Your username isXXXXX new generated password XXXXX XXXXX
Customer: They present all this traffic that is promised, but I believe they are scammers. What do you think?
Customer: Can you give me the addresses of some legitimate companies?
Joshua C. : To be honest none of the traffic buying websites are reliable
Joshua C. : When you pay for traffic they almost 100% of the time just use bots to load pages and make it look like people are viewing your website
Joshua C. : The only real way to pay for traffic is to pay for advertisements
Joshua C. : Such as on
Joshua C. : or
Joshua C. : But buying advertising is very expensive
Joshua C. : I am actually using a website right now to direct traffic to your website
Joshua C. : What I did was I went on a social media website called
Joshua C. : I went into the christianity section and said I am a webdeveloper that is working with a gospel website
Joshua C. : And we need some feedback about the design and content
Joshua C. : The readers of that section of are now viewing your website and some of them might become long term readers
Joshua C. : I did that without paying anything
Customer: WOW!
Joshua C. : Yeah thats just one trick of getting traffic
Joshua C. : What I would suggest is take a look at
Joshua C. : Make a free reddit account
Joshua C. : and read some of the posts that people are making in that community
Joshua C. : Then you can make your own posts and include a link to your website
Joshua C. : Reddit also offers advertising which is cheaper than buying links on other website
Joshua C. : Information about advertising on reddit can be found at
Joshua C. :
Joshua C. : You can choose specific areas of reddit to advertise on
Joshua C. : I would suggest advertising in /r/Christianity/
Joshua C. : Here is already some feedback about the website
Joshua C. : I don't know what "prayers of thanksgiving" tab means and how "confessions of faith" and "insight" subheadings under that tab relate to that tab.I also was looking for some kind of statement of faith but couldn't locate it.
Joshua C. : You can read the comments about the post I made at:
Joshua C. :
Joshua C. : So far the traffic I have brought to the website from reddit is 100% from the US
Joshua C. : Also the people that are viewing your site right now are checking all your pages
Joshua C. : And were getting feedback that can be used to make the website better
Joshua C. : The christianity section of reddit that I posted in has 62,440 readers
Joshua C. : Currently 250 are online and as more come online they will check your website and provide feedback of how to make the website better
Joshua C. : And thats without paying anything for the traffic or the feedback
Joshua C. : You can do the same thing on facebook by going into christian groups and posting information with a link to your website
Customer: OK.
Joshua C. : I would stay away from buying traffic I sadly have to say that 99% are scams
Joshua C. : And the 1% that actually direct traffic to you dont send you good traffic, its just bots and people that wont visit the site again
Customer: So, should I keep "Feedjit","TraceMyIp", ""
Joshua C. : You can keep the tracking websites but I would look at removing the tracking information from the website main page.
Joshua C. : It takes up a lot of room to show all the people that have logged in
Joshua C. : and makes it look cluttered
Joshua C. : You will notice that clicky does not have a tracking listing on the main page
Joshua C. : You can keep all of the tracking scripts but dont pay for them
Joshua C. : clicky is free until you get over 3,000 unique views today
Joshua C. : 3,000 unique views in a day
Joshua C. : So in short keep the tracking scripts (if they are free) and dont pay for traffic its a waste of money
Joshua C. : There are better ways to direct traffic to your website
Joshua C. : Such as advertising and posting information on social websites
Joshua C. : I have now been monitoring traffic to your website for an hour
Joshua C. : has brought you 3 visitors and they are all from Brazil
Joshua C. : In the half an hour that I posted the link on reddit asking for help you have gotten 7 visitors (6 from the us 1 from ireland)
Joshua C. : Social media sites work better than buying traffic, you just have to know how to post things so they dont seem like spam
Joshua C. : Its kinda a big game of understanding how people work and what they expect to see
Joshua C. : Another place to buy advertising space is called
Joshua C. : Its a advertising bidding website where you can choose from a list of website and display a banner
Joshua C. : You bid on a daily rate and can cancel or pause the ad at any time
Joshua C. : I use this website to drive traffic to some of my websites during heavy traffic hours
Joshua C. : Just another suggestion to look at
Joshua C. : I know this is a lot of information to take in, if you need me to clarify anything just let me know I am happy to help
Customer: What is the Login & password XXXXX to
Customer: I will go and try to process everything you have taught me and proceed from there.
Joshua C. : The login isCustomer/span>
Joshua C. : the password XXXXX XXXXX same password XXXXX you have on wordpress
Joshua C. : The password XXXXX with a w and ends with a !
<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer: I used it, but it came back invalid.Thank you so much. I will rate you and pay
Customer: for your services today. Thank you so much.
Joshua C. : Make sure when you put in the password
Joshua C. : You are using a capital W
Joshua C. : that might be the reason its not working
Joshua C. : As always it's been a pleasure working with you today
Customer: I got in. Thank you so much. You are a real blessing.
Joshua C. : Anytime you need to ask a question feel free to do so on my profile page
Joshua C. :
Joshua C. : The question will be routed directly to me and I will login and assist you =)
Joshua C. : Have a wonderful day
Customer: Thank you so much Josh. Have a wonderful day too.
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