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emachines w3622

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i have an emachines w3622 with a celeron 420 1.6ghz processor and i want to upgrade the processor to the best one i possibly can. if theres a bios upgrade i have to do prior to that so i can get the most out of this pc .what is the bios upgrade and best processor that i can istall and have no compatibility issues with??? as well will i need to get a difeerent fan heat sink to cool it as i will need to know.


Hello and thank you for using Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to assist you.

This is a pretty old machine so your upgrade options will be limited.

As for the BIOS update the latest one can be downloaded here:

Please note though that the BIOS update is not going to provide you with any performance enhancements really. The BIOS are a set of basic programs to make changes to hardware before you boot into windows. You can do things like over clock your processor to try to get a higher speed from it from within the BIOS. However I would not suggest you try that if you do not have some knowledge about overclocking because you can easily fry your processor.

The processor you have is a pretty low end celeron. This can be upgraded to a better one but even the best upgrade for this machine is going to be dated considering it's age. The fastest processor that I can find which would work is this one:

Now you mentioned your upgraded to 2GB of memory which for windows XP is pretty good. Windows XP would not be able to recognize more than 3.5 GB of ram anyway so I would say leave it at 2.

With the processor upgrade you may notice that the computer is able to do some things a bit more efficiently but I would not tell you to expect a huge noticeable jump in performance based on that upgrade.

Your mother board is not very fast and all data is going to be traveling from hard drive to memory to processor all transported via your motherboard. So even if you have a quick processor the data still needs to travel through the board. This is not to say it wont be any faster but like I said it may not be super noticeable.

You may want to consider just saving up for a new machine instead of investing in something this old. As of now you could get a low end desktop for around $400 dollars that would be 10 times quicker then this emachine even with the upgrade. Just something to think about.

If you wish to discuss further please let me know.

Thank you,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hey chris , coby here. and thank you for your answer. im not so worried about how fast it goes per say. mostly im having difficulties playing any games on the steam network. most of them require at least 2ghz to play the games. some more than that. i just feel left out. otherwise maybe some video editing. this pc is fine as far as what it does otherwise. so long as i keep from conflicts and incompatibilities. one more thing i wonder about. the motherboard you say is only going to route whatever needs to go wherever as fast as it can. being old its not going to be up to par with an upgraded processor. but im going to want a graphics card as well. the 82945 chip set accelerator is as old as dirt too. will there be a graphic card you could recommend and a motherboard as well if thats necessary. i know you said buy a new pc, and thats all good and fine but i dont really want to right now. oh and the heat sink . wait it basically will be a new(outdated still) but new. its a learning experience and i need to know what the heck im doing one day. now is that day... nope. im not planning to overclock. no point in that... not for what i want. thanks and good answer by the way . but could you toss these answers in on my $38 too?

Hey Coby,

Sorry for the delay, I was offline for a bit. Of course I will toss these other answers in.

One thing though, if you are talking about upgrading, the processor the board , teh graphics card you best get a new machine.

For one, you cannot just connect your old hard drive to a new motherboard. You will need to reinstall everything and start from scratch. Since you would be doing that any way you may as well upgrade the hard drive too, and then just get a new machine.

Now if you are not ready for a new one yet and you want to me able to game on this one, the processor and the video card should help a bit.

It looks your motherboard has an integrated graphics card meaning it is built into the board. However you do have a PCI express X16 slot in there so you can upgrade.

I had one of these for a long time, I think it cost like over $300 when I bought it but since it is old the price is way down. I liked it a lot. Have a look here:

That would be a good upgrade to the card that is in there now. If you upgrade the processor and the card you should be able to play games, I cannot say they will run well but they will run. It really depends on the game. The processor I linked you above is one of the first dual core processors that came out

If you have never upgraded a processor before be careful. Make sure you search out some video tutorials on youtube to get an idea of what you need to do. It is not that difficult but you can mess things up if you make a mistake. I would suggest you make back ups of your hard drive before doing any hardware replacement just in case.

Have a great weekend.
Chris L. and 6 other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you for your help. i didnt want to head out all willy nilly on a tangent thinking that i knew what i was doing. all the while just waiting for everything i put together smack me upside my head without consulting somebody who knew what i didnt. at least i was able to find somebody who can answer the questions i at least had the where with all enough to ask. thank you again.

You are very welcome. If you have any follow up questions later let me know.

Have a great weekend.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

this thing i paid to have you answer my question keeps saying that "my expert" (you) needs more information to properly answer my question. as far as i know you did exactly everything i asked for. is there anything that you might want to add to any of all that i maybe should know ? will my heat sink keep this new stuff cool enough with the present fan? i know you recommend a new machine and all i might ask from you is what you would recommend if i were to put together a machine from reasonably economical components coupled with a respectable performance and optimal reliability? in other words what would be your system if you had the ability to spend what was necessary to have a strong system but without going above and beyond. i know tomorrow will put todays systems to rest eventually. but with your knowledge what would be an insightful build concerning longevity?

Hey Coby,

I did not need more information, I just sent my last reply through as an information request, but since you have some more questions that is fine.

I think the heat sink will be sufficient. You may want to pick up some thermal paste though. This is a paste that goes between the processor and the heat sync to help with cooling, see here:

Now for your other question about a "strong build without going above and beyond" what kind of budget are talking about?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

oh id say 7 or 8 hundred.

OK let me take a look at some parts and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Hi Coby,

I did not have a ton of time this morning to spend on this but here is what I put together. This is a moderate leaning more towards high endish machine. I left out some things like monitor, keyboard and mouse, and wireless card by the way and just went with essentials.

Total price around $700, below are links to each component. It is best to go though each link and click add to cart, then you can view all of them together in the shopping cart and even have them emailed to yourself.

This would build a machine running a core i5 processor 8GB of highspeed ram, suitable video card, 1TB hard drive.

Hope this helps give you an idea. When doing a new build you really want to take a good amount of time to research your components to get the ideal bang for your buck. The above is for a mid level machine. If you wanted something more high end I would expect to spend a thousand.

The above motherboard would be good for awhile, the ram can be upgraded to 32GB and in teh future you could always upgrade the video card and hard drive as well as processor.

In reality I tend to only upgrade a machine maybe once in its life span. For me a lifespan would be about 4 to 5 years. It just becomes to dated at that point since the industry grows so fast.

Enjoy your weekend!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

10-4 chris.. i read a few of your other helping out situations. and there was one that really gave me a pile of respect for you. it pertained to a woman doing some charity work but was having problems with her pc and a couple trojans. you really spent some time and put some effort into helping her. you seem like a great person. and i appreciate the time and effort you allowed for me. i wish you happiness. thank you sir.

Thanks so much for the compliment it is really appreciated.

Always trying my best!