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Charles A. Roberts
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I have a HP a1240n which when started displays an error message

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I have a HP a1240n which when started displays an error message that the CPU fan has failed. The fan is running. When I checked temp in the setup menu, it said 260.5 degrees and fan speed of 160 RPM. The fan speed monitor did not change if I put a drag on the fan so it slowed down. Any ideas on what is causing the high temp reading on start up even though the system is cold?
Hello and thank you for using My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do whatever I possibly can to help answer your questions.Smile I am very sorry you have encountered this complication. Cry First is the heatsync dusty or caked with dust and second there is the possibility the fan may not being going at the speeds it should be the other option is the heatsync may be loosing it's effectiveness to store and remove heat. It's rare that the motherboard would be causing this not unheard of but it's rare. This is what I would highly advise doing. Replace the heatsync and fan. Obviously there is a problem with the way the heatsync is taking away the heat from the CPU.

Keep in mind make sure you put just a small drop of the thermal compound the cpu. It's only a conductor of heat that transfers hear from the cpu to the heatsync. Again if you are sure the fan is clean and the Heatsync itself is clean and it's still running hot like that just from turning it on. You have a heatsync problem.

I am going to advise that if infact even if replacing the heatsync and you are still getting an overheat there may be a motherboard problem again I doubt it but I never over look anything.


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