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How to network an old Power MacIntosh w. MacOS7.5.2 to pull

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How to network an old Power MacIntosh 7200 w. MacOS7.5.2 to pull files from that Mac onto say a PC on the same LAN?


The 7200 has an ethernet port, but there doesn't seem to be a protocol shared between MacOS7.5.2 and e.g. my Windows 7.  NetPresenz crashes/freezes on the Mac, Win7 doesn't support AppleShare, etc. etc.


Pls have real experience and not just googling around, thank you.

Thank you for using my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am going to assist you.

The easiest way to do what you are asking would be to start a FTP Server on your Windows computer and then connect to it on your Mac. You can donwload a free FTP server for your Windows 7 computer at:

The reason I am suggesting a FTP server is because FTP is a file and transfer protocol that is supported by all operating systems.

That being said it would be easier to transfer the files using a USB stick, email, external hard drive, etc. but if you want to transfer the files over the network FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is going to be a way that will work.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Joshua,


Yes I'm familiar w. Filezilla, but I don't believe MacOS7.5.2 has an FTP client (included w. the OS), am I wrong?

Download and use Transmit:

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hmm ok I will try tomorrow. BTW the 7200 is PPC not 68K, but I found the PPC download on that website you listed, Hopefully it won't freeze/crash like NetPresenz. If the client is stable I will be able to figure out the rest (I know FileZilla and how to lookup the server/client IPs, configure the ports, etc.). I know I have some filenaming issues (e.g. "/" is valid on the Mac but not on Windows), but worst case I will rename them before FTPing them.


Thanks greatly. If all goes well I'll rate/finish tomorrow.

I look forward to hearing that the solution worked =)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yeah, me too if it works! The Mac is at the office, which is why I can't check now (already home).


BTW re: your other suggestions, the Power Mac 7200 doesn't have USB ports, the only external disk xface on that computer is SCSI (and those are getting hard to find PC versions), and email wouldn't make sense for the 100's of files I want to migrate. The 7200 can barely do internet (IE 3.0 for Mac, most websites aren't compliant), hence a LAN based approach would be best, XXXXX XXXXX your FTP suggestion.


I've got both Mac and PC versions of the old Iomega Zip drives (and disks), but the disk formats seem to be problematic attempting to sneaker-net the files over using the Zip drives (i.e. my PC doesn't want to read the Zip drives formatted on the Mac, and vice versa). But if you know of a cross-Zip-format reading utility on Windows that'd be helpful too, thanks.


If Transmit 1.6 works, I'll happily rate/pay/whatever, I've wasted too much time on this project! Thx again.

Oh yeah that is right that model only came with scsi and the serial ports. I guess the only other solution would be to get a db-25 to standard scsci converter cable and then use a updated scsi card in your pc, but from my experience FTP is going to be the cheap solution.

The solutions for reading a mac formatted disk on windows are all pay programs but you can use the trial of MacDrive to get the files you need and then just uninstall it before the trial runs out:
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just an update, I downloaded/installed Transmit 1.6 PPC it apparently unstuffed OK (although it gave me a warning about needing Stuffit 5.0, clicking past it still created the Mac Folders), but launching Transmit gives me an error:


The application "Transmit" could not be opened because "TextCommon" could not be found.


I tried googling the above, nothing obvious yet... I may have to contact Panic (the authors of Transmit) to see what they say. Sigh.....


BTW sorry MacOS version is 7.5.5 not what I wrote earlier.

If Transmit is not working the other option that you could try is setting up a SSH server on the Windows 7 machine ( and then use MacSSH ( to connect to the Windows 7 computer and attempt to transfer the files.

Use "put local-path [remote-path]" as the command to transfer files in SSH.

I am surprised that Transmit threw an error about TextCommon thats usually a file that is bundled in with the software or already in the base unix system.

You could also try MacDrive to read the mac formatted zip disks that you have and transfer the files that way. The trial of MacDrive should assist in getting the zip disks read and data transferred.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hah, although Transmit 1.6 PPC gives me that error, it turns out that the 68K version (Transmit 1.6 68K) does *not*! So hurray! Installed Transmit 1.6 68K version on Power Macintosh 7200, Installed Filezilla Server on Windows PC, setup FTP user acct/password/homedir/permissions, opened Windows Firewall port, and it works!!! I will rate and close (I guess you have to reply one more time so that the rating is at the end), THANKS!!!

I'm glad to hear that everything ended up working and you are able to get your files transferred =)

If you ever need my help again you can always reach me on my profile page at:

It's been a pleasure working with you.
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