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Hi hi I have a Sony av receiver STR KS380, plugged into it

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Hi hi I have a Sony av receiver STR KS380, plugged into it are a cable box, Apple TV and playstation. The av receiver is then plugged into the tv by HDMI. Every 15-20 min or so the picture goes black but the sound is fine and I have to reset the tv and av receiver any idea what this could be ? Thanks in advance Jonas

Danh :

have you tried plugging into a different hdmi port on the tv?

Customer: Yes
Danh :

And does it exhibit the same behavior regardless if you use the cable box, tv, or playstation?

Customer: Hi yes itdoes
Customer: yes it does
Customer: Yes
Sounds like the handshake on the HDMI is flaky. We need to weed out some things. We know its not the HDMI port on the TV because you said you tried a different port. The other critical piece that ties all those systems together is the HDMI cable going from the receiver to the TV and the HDMI port on the receiver. To make sure its not the HDMI cable you need to swap it out with another one or simply connect one of the devices like the ps3 directly to the TV. If the problem continues you know its the cable. If not then its the port...which means its probably bad.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hello tried switching hdmi cable and the problem persisted so you would thereby say it is the hdmi port on the sony av receiver that is bad and needs fixing right?

Yes..that's correct. If you swapped HDMI cable and the problem persisted, The HDMI output on the receiver would be the culprit.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello, found out that it seems it is the tv that is causing the shutdown with something called ECO setting, as my tv is in Japanese I have no way of seeing that myself.

To be sure...i would connect the TV directly to the cable box or any other device. The eco setting usually just controls the shouldn't black out the TV.