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Samsung 350V laptop; primary partition is corrupt; how do I

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Samsung 350V laptop; primary partition is corrupt; how do I run recover to completely reload the system back to factory standard?  How long do we need to wait for a response?

Hi, thank you for asking your question today.

To perform a Complete Restore, follow these steps:
  1. 1. Tap the F4 Key at the Samsung logo when you first power on the computer. This method would be used if the computer powers on, but Windows does not load.

  2. 2. Click Agree to accept the Licensing Agreement. Samsung Recovery Solution 4 loads. If you close the Licensing Agreement dialog Samsung Recovery Solution 4 will close without making any changes.

  3. 3. Once Samsung Recovery Solution 4 loads, click Restore. The Restore dialog appears.

  4. 4. Click Complete Restore. The Restore > Complete Restore dialog appears.

  5. 5. On the Restore > Complete Restore dialog, there is a list of backups created using Complete Backup and the expected time needed to perform a restore with each backup. If no backups have been created then the Computer Initial Status backup is the only item listed. Click the backup you would like to use for this restore, and then click Next.

  6. 6. Samsung Recovery Solution 4 prompts you to restart the computer to continue. Click OK to restart the computer.

  7. 7. The computer restarts and Samsung Recovery Solution 4 prompts you to click Yes to Delete all data on drive C. Click yes to proceed.

  8. 8. A progress bar appears showing the current transfer speed, the amount of data copied, elapsed time, and estimated total time to completion.

  9. 9. After the Complete Restore is complete, Samsung Recovery Solution 4 prompts you to restart your computer. Click OK to restart.

  10. 10. After you restart your computer, the restore process is complete.

I hope this helps. Please reply back if you have additional questions or concerns. If you have no additional questions please remember to rate my service before exiting the site so I can be credited for my time.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Toby K -


We already tried F4 (as noted in our original question and supporting notes), it does not present the options you listed, instead says it is repairing the computer and eventually cycles to "running diagnostics" which return to "running repair", which ends in "running diagnostics", these keeps up for hours. Do you have another solution for initiating a system restore?

It sounds like you are getting the Windows Repair/Restore option, but could you tell me more about the screen. And you are pressing F4 as soon as the computer is turned on, correct? If you are not getting the Samsung Restore at F4, then that partition must be corrupt as well. At this point, it's could be very likely the entire hard drive has gone bad. If this computer less than a year old?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, we are pressing F4 at soon as we turn it on; the screen says "RECOVERY" at the top, has status bar (alternating light and dark blue stripes) and "Please Wait" with a yield sign next to it; this is followed by a .NET Framework error exception message with Details, Continue, or Quit buttons. Quit shuts the machine down, Continue goes into the loop we mentioned above and DETAILS says the "System IO exception, the disk structure is corrupt and unreadable" The laptop was purchased in January 2013.

I just wanted to make sure because the F4 option can be missed if not caught in time. At this point, I'm fairly certain the hard drive is bad. You will need to contact Samsung for a replacement. You computer is covered under a 12month warranty, so that's the good news. There really isn't any good news when this stuff happens. Here is the link to get it started:

You can also give them a call at 1-800-726-7864. They are easy to work with. I too have had to get a replacement hard drive from them, as well as, repair my TV. Both times, the process has been painless.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have received notice back from the samsung warranty people and they have informed me the factory warranty has been voided because there is no operating system on the machine. I never removed the operating system from it, nor would i know how to do that, so I feel at a loss in this situation. I had also purchased a 2-year warranty from the office supply store i bought it at, yet they had also directed me to the samsung manufacturer. I am not sure what else to do in this situation.

Wow, that is the most absurd thing I've ever heard. I would call Samsung again and tell them you have a bad hard drive, which is the reason why you are unable to boot an operating system. I would ask to speak to a supervisor or manager, because you didn't do anything to the computer but turn it on and it stopped working. Pretty poor customer service if you ask me. Both times I've spoken to them, it was a very easy process, so maybe it was the person you spoke to. Good luck.