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I am getting the error message SSL adapter post up failed exception

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I am getting the error message SSL adapter post up failed exception of type system out of memory exception was unknown and shortly the computer program freezes up and I have to close it and then restart it.

sandy : Hello Sir/Madam,Welcome to Just My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will assist you today. Press Ctrl+D to return back to this page anytime easily.
Customer: Hello,
sandy : hello
Customer: My name is XXXXX XXXXX i have Cox internet. I don't have any problems except the card player poker program.
sandy : Since how long are you getting this?
Customer: Every since I started using the program which was December 24th.
Customer: I emailed their support team and they keep telling me to not be running any other programs and I am not.
sandy : Could you please tell me about this program, its name?
Customer: It is Card Player poker. I downloaded from their site. After I emailed them, they sent me an updated version and it worked for a while but is randomly freezing and I have to close it and reopen it and reconnect.
sandy : What is your computer operating system? xp/vista/windows 7
Customer: Sometimes I get the error message about the SSL adapter just before it freezes the screen.
sandy : Do you play this game online using internet explorer:
Customer: Windows 7 home premium
Customer: Yes I do.
sandy : Did you try to play it using other browser like mozilla firefox.
sandy : Do you have firfox on the computer?
Customer: well, I am not sure. I do not open windows to use it.
sandy : Okay.
sandy : Please click start, all programs and check if you have mozilla firfox or not.If not, please download and install it as under:
Customer: I do have firefox but I am not sure that I am using the web browser.I downloaded their program and I do not open windows at all when I use this program.
sandy : okay..
sandy : Could you please tell about exact error message?
sandy : Did you install this game on any other computer?
Customer: SSL adapter post up failed exception of type system out of memory exception was unknown
Customer: I do not always get this message...sometimes it just freezes up.
Customer: I do not have another computer. Do you think my computer is hosed? This is the only problem that I am having with it.
sandy : What do you mean by hosed.. infected/virus.
Customer: I have asked the site if I am the only one that is having problems and they don't answer me. I told them that I think thier site must be in India and the operators only have a written script so I keep getting the same answers.
sandy : What is this website for?
Customer: I don't know anything about computers. I have Trend Micro Titanium and have scanned the hard drive and there are not virus.
sandy : Please disable your antivirus program while playing this game.
Customer: Card Player is a website. I am playing free poker tournaments on it.
Customer: The antivirus program is in the start up screen and I disabled it along with the others.
sandy : okay.
sandy : Now, please try to play this game again.
Customer: Sandy,
Customer: It is getting late and I don't think we will be able to solve this problem so go ahead and charge my credit card and I will go to bed.
Customer: thanks,
sandy : You can get back to me anytime.
sandy : I suggest you to reset your browser.
sandy : intenet explorer once.
sandy : And if required uninstall and reinstall this program.
Customer: I don't see how we have fixed the problem because we haven't done anything;
sandy : well, I am proving you these steps and these will help you sort out this issue.
sandy : You can follow them later.
Customer: I have reinstalled the program if you are talking about The poker program.
sandy : Now, you need reset your browser,
sandy : I suggest you to scan your computer using free version of Super anti-spyware software. This will remove all of the malwares, spywares and viruses from the computer.Note: If you already have installed Anti-virus programs like Norton, mcafee, CA, kaspersky on the computer, still I suggest you to download and install Super anti-spyware as the Anti-virus program does not remove Malwares/adwares/spywares effectively.You can download the free version using the link given below:
sandy : This should fix the issue.
sandy : Please press Ctrl+D to bookmark or add to favorite to return back to this page anytime easily.or simply visit
Customer: I don't want to keep spending time and money.
sandy : This is free, my friend.
sandy : and remove the dangerous cookies.
sandy : it is the best one.
Customer: I am talking about your service.
Customer: I was hoping that you could explain the error message as I do not have a clue what it means.
Customer: Sorry to bother you.
sandy : This issue occurs because the computer does not have sufficient memory to complete the requested operation.
Customer: I have 2 gb of ram. Do I need more.
sandy : Please wait a minute.
sandy : Change the size of virtual memory
sandy :
sandy : Add sufficient physical memory to the computer.
sandy : You can add 2GB of RAM more to the computer.
sandy : It will be very helpful for playing game.
Customer: Ok but I am sure how to change the size of the virtual memory.
Customer: I am not sure.
sandy : Please check how to change it:
sandy :
Customer: Ok, thanks I will try what you have told me.
sandy : Thank you.
sandy : You can try it and get back to me.
sandy : Happy New year.
sandy : My goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back, I am happy to address follow-up questions. Please Rate my Answer (3-5 stars)for my Time, Work and Efforts.Thank you for your business!
Customer: I am giving you a good service happy face!
Customer: How would I get back to you if I need to?
sandy : Thank you so much.
sandy : Please press Ctrl+D to bookmark or add to favorite to return back to this page anytime easily.or simply visit
sandy : Thank you again.
sandy : You can now Rate my Answer.
Customer: Ok,
Customer: Thanks and good night.
sandy : Good Night.
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