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arsufi2002, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
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Experience:  MCSE, RHCE, IBM System X Server Certified
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My Windstream DSL model keeps dropping connection

Customer Question

have a problem with my windstream dsl connection. it keeps dropping off and one every other 5 mins and its irriating. ive had 2 technicians out here and they claim its nothing on their end. could it be my computer or something?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  arsufi2002 replied 4 years ago.

Welcome to JustAnswer. I look forward to assisting you today.
Is it a new device? (windstream modem)
what's its model?

Customer :
I have had it. the modem is new now because they swop it out last week
i had this service for 2 years now. it just started acting up though about a month ago

arsufi2002 :
what's the model?

Customer :
sagemcom fast 1704

arsufi2002 :
Is there an adsl filter on phone line ?

Customer :
yea but i took it out and now its just a straight line because they said it could have been that also
i have tried everything i know. that's why im here with it now

arsufi2002 :
The filter must be added on modem instead of connecting it directly
what about dial tone?

Customer :
yeah i got all of that
i have had the filter on it and even with it off it still does the same ting

arsufi2002 :
do you hear any noise when you pick up phone?

Customer :
no i don't

arsufi2002 :
can you check it once more.

Customer :
what u want me to check?

arsufi2002 :
just check dial tone sound. Make sure there is no line disturbance

Customer :
okay i hear no disturbance
what was i checking that for

arsufi2002 :
because disturbance/ noise on phone line can cause this problem

Customer :
oh i didn't hear anything. how could you fix that though

arsufi2002 :
If there is disturbance we should inform isp provider, they will clear it

Customer :
i think its that but i don't hear any disturbance i have tried everything
im lost

arsufi2002 :
By the way, are you using same phone line for calling

Customer :
also forgot to tell you that sometimes if i try to download something it will knock off and on too
yes i am it has a spliter on it
so i can do both

arsufi2002 :
ok Does modem appear to hot at this 5 min time

Customer :
yea the modem got a lil heat on the bottom of it

arsufi2002 :
ok how you confirmed that modem gets drop after 5 min

Customer :
cause it has been doing it . im looking at it.
its does it bader at night time
the power and dsl light stays lite like it suppose to but the internet stop flashing it starts to stall then my internet drops then it speeds back up and then im able to connect again
i just thought may you have came across this problem before or heard about windstream or something . im jus out of all options. i duno what it could be. it does it in spells some days it does it every 30 mins and some days its every 5 mins

arsufi2002 :
is that guy from isp?
i mean the technician who came there

Customer :
yes he was

arsufi2002 :
It's an issue from their end, right?
Because internet should be steady till the modem end?

Customer :
he said its nothing on there end
changed out everything
im thinking its something

arsufi2002 :
But on your case, we have not steady internet on modem end.
i think you call your isp and say this?
because a third party can't do anything on this?
What we can do is physically checking the line connection
hope there is no change made to phone line recently ?( splitting phone line for extension)
That's all we can do.

Customer :
ok thank you so much

arsufi2002 :
Sir, just tell your isp that its their job to rectify issue till modem end

Expert:  arsufi2002 replied 4 years ago.

I have searched whether anyone has same issue that you face and got a bunch of complaints. Their comments says they are disappointed with this ISP.

Have a look on it.