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I lost the activation code for my Rosetta Stone. How can I

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I lost the activation code for my Rosetta Stone. How can I get it again?

Welcome to I will be glad to assist you. Please note that this site has no affiliation with Rosetta Stone. If I am able to provide you the information you need to get an activation code, please remember to rate and accept my response as I am only compensated for assisting you if you do so. Note your rating pertains only to my response and has nothing to do with JustAnswer, Rosetta Stone, or the software you are using.

The most direct route to replacing your activation code is calling Rosetta Stone Customer Support at 1-866-834-6115. Alternatively, you can open a ticket online on their website at

If you purchased the product directly from Rosetta Stone, they will ask you for any or all of the following information:


  • Your order or customer number.
  • The customer name as it would appear on the order, including the state that the order was purchased in or shipped to.
  • The first digit and last four digits of the credit card with which the product was purchased.
  • The serial number from the bottom of the box.


If you purchased the product from an online retailer (website), using either the email from the retailer with the purchase detail OR log in to your account at that retailer's website and go to your purchase history and then copy and paste the record of your purchase and submit an online ticket (at the link above) with the information. If you are having problems locating your purchase, please contact the retailer from which you purchased the product.

If you purchased the program through another reseller at a physical retail location (a regular brick-and-mortar store) you may fax your receipt to(NNN) NNN-NNNNATTN: Customer Care. You can also scan a copy of your receipt and submit it via Rosetta Stone's support site (link above).

If you do not have your physical receipt at this time, please contact the retailer , and they should be able to retrieve a record of your purchase. If you purchased the product through a reseller (e.g. Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders, etc.) You will need to provide a record of the purchase indicating the exact product you have.

Please remember to rate 5 and Accept ! Thank you!

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