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Is there a way to legally access a technology products API

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Is there a way to legally access a technology product's API without authorization. I'm trying to get my friend's xbox scores, on a couple of different games like FIFA and Madden, to automatically populate onto an iphone app without really infringing on any legal rights that FIFA or Madden may have with me accessing their systems

Techie_Ben :

Hello. Thank you for the question.

Techie_Ben :

EA Sports does not have any open API's, so any data you are able to retrieve from these systems through an API or web service would not be obtained through a license agreement.

Techie_Ben :

Also, like any data obtained without using a public/supported API, the method for retrieving data is subject to change. This means that if you're successful in publishing an application using this data, it is very possible that the application could break without warning due to any changes in the data format or private API's from the EA applications.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

That was a great answer. What do you suggest as the best way to go about getting an automated score from an online game? I was thinking of being integrated into their system as the best way such that I would have a partnership deal with the gaming company basically and have an application that would publish gamer data to my application.Let's not think EA but any other small gaming company. I'm not a techie so excuse my poor question method.

I'm trying to start an outsourcing wagering system for skill based video game companies that would involve score recording of any skill game I play online as well as the transfer of funds portion of the business. Do you see system integration with different games as the best way to do this for the sake of automated score verification and automated fund transfer?

That's not a poor method, but actually the way you would have to go about it. I see what you're trying to do and is a great idea in my opinion. You may have issues with the ethical portion (ie - turning gaming in to more than just gaming) and may face some legal roadblocks as well (nothing the JustAnswer legal experts couldn't help you out with). I suspect the gaming companies would not grant API licensing if they knew the end result would be a wagering system.

However, you could do something similar to what I have done in the past with a website for tennis players I created (minus the wagering). Each player has to record the score at the end of the match, and the other player involved must accept or challenge the validity of the suggested score. Players with low feedback are typically not trustworthy, and players with high feedback (or enough for someone to trust them) are often reliable enough to accept the score even in the event of a loss. You could then manage the site however you want to and do not need to involve the companies directly. In either case, you'll want to seek legal counsel as I can't comment on how well this would fly online (for example, online poker in the US is illegal, something like this may be too). I wish you the best of luck however!! Let me know if you have any questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks a lot Ben. I am currently in an incubator program and everybody is as concerned about the legality of the skilled game betting as much as you are. I have done the legal research and with the help of some legal gaming experts on Just Answer have verified that it's legal in 34 U.S. states to participate in skill game betting but still it worries me what the ethical perception of this might be in spite of the legality. I'm counting on getting small gaming companies that have "hot" skill games to monetize their games with our help.We intend to handle all the customer service, and payment processing and make sure we split portions of tournament rakes and head to head bets with partners.


If that route doesn't work I fully intend to use the honor system. System integration if successful seems so much better as an option as we will get almost direct access to existing game players on different games and it will make the score keeping method for the online process so much easier(automated) and more pleasant for the customer. What do you think?


I love the tennis idea you had. I was thinking of doing something sooner with offline skill game betting( again legal in designated jurisdictions) in golfing, bowling, pool, volleyball and games such as tennis. Did the honor system which is my only option with offline games as a method of score keeping a viable method?

Like you said, the integrated method is preferable if you had buy-in from the vendor. The honors system works well for some but not as well for others (ie - adults versus younger players). With honors system, you'll find yourself getting involved as the "middle man" in order to reconcile scoring disputes and in your case, might require something like a screenshot from each party (which can easily be modified). If you do go the honors system route, you'll want to place more focus on a good feedback system similar to eBay (ie - I'd buy a $10 watch from someone with low feedback, but not a $20,000 Rolex, or in your case, I'll wager $10 with a player with no/low feedback, but not $100+). In either case, you'll need a dispute system, but it will surely be more cut and dry with the integrated approach.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Great answers Ben. I couldn't be more thankful .Happy Thanksgiving