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Logitech USB Headset H390 not recognized. I am running Windows

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Logitech USB Headset H390 not recognized.

I am running Windows 7 x64 and this headset was working perfectly untill one morning it suddenly was not recognized anymore.

Anyone that has an idea ????

When you said "reinstalled" the usb controllers, can you elaborate that step you took.

Also, have you tried a different USB port?

Please advise.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I deleted all the USB drivers and restarted the computer.

Unfurtunatly the computer didn't recognize or didn't have the USB Controller.

Then I searched on google for 'Windows 7 x64 USB Controller Download'. The result came up with a USB 3.0 controller download directly from Intel.


Still is not working.


Don't know if this is the correct version of USB Controller.



Please advise.





For more information. The usb plug contains this information: DZL-A-00009 (B) .... M/N: A-00009

You shouldn't need to reinstall anything, Windows 7 stock controllers will work just fine.

Have you tested the logitech on a different machine? They have a ridiculously high failure rating (to the point of recall in my opinion).

The best way to actually "clean" install it is to go to start > all programs > accessories > run.

Type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. Scroll down to universal serial bus controllers and start removing them one by one. If you lose control of your mouse wait a moment and it will reload (or unplug and plug it back in), then skip that one and continue down the list and continue removing until you know each has been removed once. You need the logitech disconnected during this process.

Once finished, restart the machine. Wait for all USB devices to install, might take a minute, then plug the logitech in once more to see if it can install clean.

To return to me after the restart use the links in your email or favorite/bookmark this page.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well ... I already delete all the controllers once and then reinstalled them ... what good does it do for me to reinstall them ????

What controller is recommended for win7 x64 ?

It depends on your chipset, what's the make/model # XXXXX the computer?

As I stated though, Windows 7 stock drivers are fine. If other USB devices aren't experiencing problems you're putting too much focus on the controllers themselves and not the device.

You should literally never have to update your USB controllers for Windows 7.

If there's no exclamation marks in device manager (with the exception of the headset at this point), you're looking at the headset being the issue. I didn't see any published drivers from it from Logitech which means they rely on what Win 7 has available.

I really think you might be looking at a defective headset, which is pretty common with logitech. The easiest way to confirm is plugging it into any other computer. Normally when a USB device failes out (not recognized) another USB port will reload the drivers and it'll work no problem. I use the word "Normally" loosely, as it's not always the case.

Now, if you have any other USB devices experiencing a problem as well, then yes, we could be looking at driver corruption.

I gave you the previous methd as I needed to be sure that's the way you went about it, and that is the best way to root out a usb conflict (pretty much the only way). Past that, we're looking specifically as the headset being the root cause.

You could try discharging the system (turn off, unplug from wall, hold down power button for 10 seconds while unplugged completely), then turning it back on, and testing the headset again. It's worth a shot but I don't have high hopes for it given the fail rating of logitech headsets.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok ... problem solved ... plugged it in an other computer and not working.


What USB headset is better ... or even an other better brand ????

Thanks for your help.

Give me a moment, I'll find the ones I own (and yes, there are many better). Not all logitech products are bad, but I have see so many of their headsets fail that I like to warn people.

I'll post back shortly with a link to ones I recommend (and the ones I own).

Also, do you use these for gaming (that matters).
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

But what causes this usb chip failure ?

Is it possible to connect to the chip to see what is going on ?

This isn't the only Logitech model that has the issue, it's not necessarily a failure inside the device, could be the cable as well.

Poor quality control would be the answer to that. Any USB device can suffer this same issue if the cable (connector on either end) doesn't make full contact. Which is why you get a detection (power connection) but failure to load the device.

If you ever google Logitech Headset's, and tag in failure/not recognized, you'll see so many people having the same issue over the years and logitech's inability to even assist. They MAY honor a warranty on it, but (as many have) you'll get a refurb that may suffer the same fate.

These are what I recommend:

They are not the ones I own but plantronics are solid. I personally own Sennheiser's, but not a headset. I've separated from that so I could get a good pair of Senn's headphones (highest range sound you'll basically ever heard under 4-500$'s and just a USB mic to pair it). The best Senn's you can get start at ~180$ unfortunately, but good god are their headphones comfortable and full of bass. The reason I asked if you were a gamer is direction noise is important, and they do a wonderful job.

The plantronics are not at ALL bad either and guarantee will outperform quality (and longevity wise) the logitech's. If they are out of your price range, let me know and I'll see what else I can find.

Below this response is a rating system. Please ONLY use the REPLY button so we can continue if you need clarification or want to add something. Once you're all set and you are 100% satisfied, then you may rate the level of service I have provided. Thank you.

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