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Techie_Ben, Software Engineer
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Every time my Samsung Galaxy S2 cell phone rings a female

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Every time my Samsung Galaxy S2 cell phone rings
a female voice starts calling out the number...... :-((
I hate her....!!
How do I get rid of the b..............her.

Thank you for the question. You can disable the voice announcement by going to the following options:

Settings -> Call Settings -> Caller ID Readout

Turn this option off and the voice should stop announcing the incoming calls.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Techie Ben.......

thankyou for your prompt response to my question

Unfortunately my SGS2 does not display a 'Call ID readout' option.

Should I mention that I am in Thailand and my phone,therefore, is a Thai phone ?

I can go to 'Settings-Call- but after that it gets just a little bit confusing.........for someone as IT illiterate as myself.

I 've got....

'Call rejection

Call alert

Call Answering/ending

Call Forwarding

Under 'Additional settings I find....

Call ID

Call Barring

Call Waiting......etc etc.....

But as I said before..........

no 'Caller Readout'.......

Do you have any other suggestions ?


T G Barakat.....


Thanks for the reply. There are a few other settings that could impact this if you don't have that setting. The first is driving mode:

1) Settings -> Voice -> Input and Output -> Text to speech settings -> turn OFF driving mode

Can you try turning that off? Otherwise, do you use Google Voice? If so there may be some settings we need to adjust on the Google Voice account as well. Thanks