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Have Samsung Galaxy 2. Can I transfer photos or videos to my

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Have Samsung Galaxy 2. Can I transfer photos or videos to my pc via this device?

Mark :



Mark :

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll be your expert today.


Mark :

Samsung has a great write up

on the various ways to transfer your data to and from your phone.

Mark :

For USB:


Mark :

Attach your Samsung device to your computer (PC or Mac) using the USB cable. If this is the first time you’ve connected your device to your computer, it will install the necessary drivers on your computer.

2. On your Samsung device, touch Applications > Settings > Wireless and network > USB utilities.

3. Remove the USB cable from you Samsung device.

4. On your Samsung device touch “Connect storage to PC.” You will see a warning: “USB utilities / Connect USB cable to use mass storage.” Insert the USB cable into your Samsung device while the message is still on the screen. Do not touch “Cancel.”

5. The screen will change to “USB mass storage” with a picture of a green Android and a message that says “USB connected.” Touch “Connect USB storage” at the bottom.

6. Your Samsung device is now connected to your computer. The device’s internal storage will appear on your computer as an external drive. If you also have a microSD card installed, this will show up as a second external drive.

7. You can now drag and drop files directly from your computer or iTunes to your device. You can create folders on your device as necessary to organize your files. Your device will automatically index these files and make them available in your media player.

8. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MAC USERS: Before you disconnect your device from your Mac, you must eject the disks on your Mac, just as you would eject any disk or flash drive. After the drives have been ejected, touch “Disconnect storage from PC” on your Samsung device.

9. When you’ve moved all of the files you need to, disconnect the USB cable.


Mark :

Any questions just let me know!



Sounds great, I will print this out. You guys will be fielding a lot more questions I am sure.. Thanks

Mark :

Not a problem at all.


Mark :

Is there anything else that I can do to assist you today with your question?


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Using the bar reader: Any special trick to scanning the bar code with the camera?

Make sure to do it with plenty of light and move the phone closer slowly to get it in focus.

Also, please don't forget to rate me today so we may close out this ticket. Open tickets impact my performance. Thank you again.

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