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Global Exchange Network

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anyone have dealings with Global Exchange Network out of Boston Mass. website
I do not have any personal dealings with them. However I would be very skeptical since neither the Better Business Bureau, the MA Secretary of State, or the MA Division of Professional Licensure has any record of that company. Most of the scam timeshare companies have very professional-looking, bare bones websites. However notice how the site doesn't have much actual information? Another reason to be skeptical.

A lot of these companies scams are such that they send you a check and then ask that you send them money back. This is a huge warning sign because there is no legitimate reason to do that. They could just as easily accept money from the buyer, deduct their fees, and send you a check for the balance. This is how legitimate companies operate. Scammers want to send you a check and have you cash it and send it back to give you a false sense of security. The check will be fraudulent and by the time your bank tells you that, they're long gone, with your money.

If this is how Global Exchange works, I'd run from them as fast as possible.

I hope this helps.


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