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how do I get MSN.COM without the Latino edition?

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how do I get MSN.COM without the Latino edition?

Hello and thank you for using this service,

Please be specfic so I can help you. What exactly do you mean by "latino edition". Is the entire msn site showing up in spanish? What's happening when you goto, and when did this problem start?

Customer: replied 5 years ago. is my home page. now when I to bring it up it says edition. I want the english only edition

Try these two fixes for this problem. If the first one works, then you don't have to do the second. If neither work, then please just REPLY to me for further advice.

Check/Change your Region options
Sign in to your account using your Windows Live ID and password
2. In the Account Information section, click on Change option (beside the Country/Region field).
3. In the Home Location section, choose your preferred country and time zone.
4. Click Save.

If using Internet Explorer 9 and the above does not work
"content options" in the top right of the screen. The options are "default Homepage", "News Edition" , "Entertainment Edtion", "Sports Edition", and "Latino Edition". Just change it back to "default Homepage".
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
None of your suggestions solved the problems. The Options on Xplorer do not offer the things youmentioned
Please download Firefox if you do not already have it. After you download and install it, then load it up and go to MSN. You can also sign in to your account. This will probably fix the problem. If you find it does not, or if you still would like to fix the problem with IE, then respond back to me with details of what happens with Firefox. Here is the link to download Firefox. Go here with your Internet explorer. Download, save, and run/install. Then close out IE and load up firefox and go to MSN, and then login as instructed below:

In particular, when you first load firefox, go to the MSN homepage
Verify that it is not Latino. Then, if it is not, login to your account. Check again if it is latino. If it shows up latino after logging in to your account, then you clearly still have a problem with the setup of your MSN account. For that, the first part of my previous answer should fix. If not, tell me how/when you started getting this problem.
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