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what happened to my "My Yahoo" homepage? Ive had it set up

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what happened to my "My Yahoo" homepage? I've had it set up the way I wanted it to look....and the info I wanted to see....for years......and today it's disappeared! How do I get it back?

Hello and thank you for using this service,

Where specifically is your browser going now? In particular, what is up in the address bar at the top?

Also what browser is this? Internet Explorer?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I want to be on IE....and have been on IE for years. Today, I downloaded some programs from the web in order to try to open digital files and I think that's what's goofed everything up.


the address bar at the top of this page is:


IE is your browser. What program did you install from the web?

What I mean by the address , is for you to close and open your browser. The address of the homepage you say has changed. That's what I need to know.

You can return to this page and/or bookmark it (ctrl-d) for easier access.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

So, I opened IE in a new tab. What I see is is, I think, their home page. How do I get from here to MY Yahoo homepage?


I knew you were going to ask me what I downloaded darned if I know! Once I saw that I lost my homepage, I opened Tools, Internet Options, and disabled everything that had today's date as the start date. It seemed to have been a lot of stuff from Babylon...their toolbar, their search engine....yikes!




The address for "my yahoo" is
Try going there, and if it looks like the homepage you had, then just set it to be your new homepage in IE by clicking on the down arrow next to the icon that looks like a small house up near your address bar. Once on the my yahoo page, you just use the house icon down arrow, then add/change homepage, and set that page to be your homepage.

If this doesn't work out for you, then just reply with the specific trouble you are having (do not rate).

If this does work, then please rate my answer with 3 stars/faces or more. Cool Thank You!
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
GREAT !!!! The page is back. But I'm not following the part about how I set that page to be my default home page. Where's this little house with the down arrow next to it?

Good to hear it is working. The house icon should be there, but if you have your menu bar with the TOOLS menu, you can also pull that down and select INTERNET OPTIONS. You'll then see a box to type in the home page. Put the in and hit apply. If you can't see either the house or the tools menu, then right click up in a blank space (not an icon) near the address bar. Try in a few places if needed. You should get a context menu, where you can then left click on the menu bar selection to make it display the TOOLS menu.
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