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my ps3 says that the system storage is corrupted and will be restored then i press ok it

Customer Question

my ps3 says that the system storage is corrupted
and will be restored then i press ok it dose what its supposed to do then stops at 85% and goes to the same screen again
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  technicalcat replied 5 years ago.

Hello and thank you for using this service,

Follow the safe mode procedure, and let me know if you are able to boot with safe mode. I can then provide further instruction.

Safe Mode procedure:

1) Ensure the
PlayStation 3 is in standby mode (where the red light is apparent), and
then turn the console off at the mains switch.

2) Turn the mains power on, then while in standby touch and hold the power button.

3) Keep your finger pressed on the power button (after 5 seconds you will hear a beep).

4) After 10 seconds of holding your finger on the power
button, you will hear a second beep and the console will shut down (you
can remove your finger).

5) Touch and hold the power button again.

6) Again hold your finger down on the button until you hear another beep after 5 seconds.

7) A number of seconds after this you will hear a double beep- you can remove your finger.

8) You will be prompted to plug your controller in and press
the PS button on your controller. After doing so you will access the
Safe Mode menu with a number of options.

Safe Mode Option Screen:

  1. Restart System

Selecting this option will start up the system normally- It will also allow you to exit the Safe Mode Menu.

  1. Restore Default Settings

Selecting this option will restore Default settings on your console
(when starting the unit you will be prompted to set time, time zone
etc). This option will also delete your PlayStation Network account
information from the system.

Your User information will be deleted and restored- the indicator will be an asterix by your username e.g. *RabidWalker.

When logging into your user you will encounter no issues with disc
based games. However when attempting to play PSN downloaded games you
may encounter the message:

‘To access the system, you must activate the system.

Go to [PlayStation Network] > [Account Management] to activate this system. (80029514). '

Follow the instruction to activate your PlayStation 3 to play
downloaded games (if the system is activated, deactivate and reactivate
the system)

  1. Restore File System

This option will begin a process to repair data on your Hard Disk
Drive. Therefore it will check for any corrupted data and try and
recover this. It the data cannot be recovered it may be erased to ensure
that it does not interfere with the operation of the PlayStation 3.

  1. Rebuild Database

If issues continue to persist and you select this option please note that data will be removed during this process.

The following information will removed:

- Messages

- Playlists

- User changes to Information Screens

- User changes to Picture under Photos

- Video Thumbnails

- Video Playback History

- Video Resume Information

This process may take same time to complete

  1. Restore PS3 System

The option to restore PS3 system is the same as the ‘quick format'
option on the XMB menu. It will reformat the HDD, removing all data and
restoring the Hard drive to its original state.

  1. System Update

Selecting this option will install the PlayStation 3 Update but only
if the update is on an external media storage device plugged into the

This option can be used if any issues are encountered with the installation of the System software update.