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How do I remove the back cover of a Velocity Micro Cruz PS47

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How do I remove the back cover of a Velocity Micro Cruz PS47 tablet? The tip of the AC adapter has broken off inside the port.

TechExpert :

This video shows you step by step how to take apart the Velocity Cruz tablet.

TechExpert :

It goes a little fast so you may have to pause it at some points.


The back appeared to already be off that tablet. Another video showed a similar tablet to this one but still did not say how to "break away" the back. There are no visable screws on the back of my tablet



Tech stepped out at 3:02 and has not come back to answer my response.



Tech left conversation before seeing if his solution answered my problems....which it did not!


Can you please repost what you previously wrote, I was not able to see it.
Start at the SD card slot and carefully pull it off... it snaps on so it will make some loud snap sounds when removing... don't worry, you aren't breaking it!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, I finally figured that out myself. Thanks. It may not be your fault, but this system has been a royal pain. My messages weren't coming across to you and yours weren't coming to me. The reply button didn't work either.
Sorry you were having a problem.
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