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John, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
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How do I clear the screen of all the advertising and unwanted

Customer Question

How do I clear the screen of all the advertising and unwanted offers pre-loaded on the right hand side (as even now on this page - "get daily articles free, get eye surgery etc etc ") and use the whole screen space as with other word progs solely for my own work?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  John replied 5 years ago.

John :

Hello and Welcome to Just answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX will be assisting you today

John :

Sir please specify the operating system installed in the PC.Is it Windows Xp, Windows Vista or Windows 7 also which web browser are you using is it Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or any other?


JACUSTOMER-wg98timj- :
John :

sir i didn't get your last reply can you please re-send it

JACUSTOMER-wg98timj- :

Windows 7

Internet Explorer My wuestion is about clearing the screen in Word in Office starter

JACUSTOMER-wg98timj- :
John :

Did these advertisement automatically started showing up or did you add it in office word ?

John :

I am not clear where this advertisements are showing that is why i asked that ?

John :

It seems like i am not getting any of your replies i most because of a technical error in the chat so i will switch to Question and Answer mode and then we can continue in that mode

Once i have switched to question and answer mode please Click on ok when it shows a message of question and answer mode and then press f5 to refresh this page to see my replies. Thank you


JACUSTOMER-wg98timj- :

I did not add anything. Everything was preloaded. When I start Word all this rubbish just appears and I cannot get rid of it to obtain a blank screen in which I can simply type letters and stories. I do not want anything except a blank working screen. Just a blank screen for me to work in without the right hand side being cluttered with unwanted ads and unwanted offers and expressions of undying friendship and devotion. I just want a blank screen and toolbar.

John :

Can i remote access to your pc and check the problem

Expert:  John replied 5 years ago.
Its seems like you are offline now.i have offered remote access so that i can get a clear picture of what you see in the screen but you now offline so we cannot continue with the remote access option.
From what i understand from your question it seems like you are facing spywares
1.Please click on this link its a trial version tool which is more than enough for scanning/removing malware,spyware and viruses .please download and install it.if it asks to start trial click on decline (no need to purchase it) then run a full scan which will take sometime.once the scan is done click on view results then select all the threats it shows then click on remove selected after the removal.restart the PC.

2.Click on start then type inetcpl.cpl in the search box and press enter that will open internet properties window now click on delete under browsing history>>>select everything then click delete. Now click on security tab>>>then click on reset all zones to default level (if that option is enabled) >>>now click on advanced tab >>>click on restore advanced settings then click on apply. Now click reset then another window opens in that select the option delete personal settings…. Then click on reset

Open my computer>>Right click on C drive>>>properties>>>disk clean-up>>>select all the options and click OK

4.Click on start>>>control panel>>>programs and you will get a list of applications installed in the pc from that see if there is some adware related tools installed like inbox toolbar etc also find the names that shows in the advertisement toolbars in the screen and see if you can find it in programs and features window.if you find any remove it .There are some microsoft related applications and updates in the pc do not remove them

Now restart the pc and check it
Let me know the status

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