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Facebook loads a blank page. Can't access it.

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I cannot open my facebook page. All I get is a blank screen and three tags: Profile, Find friends, Home. Trying to reset my profile or   password   doesn't work either. Please help if you can. Thanks

Did you try this:

going to Tools --> Options --> Content --> Block pop-up windows: Exceptions --> enter www. facebook. com and hit Allow.

Maybe google chrome is blocking it for some reason. also try another browser (IE or firefox) to see if you get the same blank screen.

Google is having a bad time right now with blank pages, missing plug in or crashes. so if you go to a different browser and try it, it should work.

You can also try closing your google chrome out and reopening and logging back in and see if it comes up.

JACUSTOMER-mrhnqfx1- :

On which page do I find Tools?

cvd4311 :

which browser are you using?

JACUSTOMER-mrhnqfx1- :

Google chrome

I tried reopening and rebooting already
cvd4311 :

the little wrench bar up top but the tool is for IE. let me get it for google chrome. go to tools and click on extensions, do you have any (in google chrome)?

JACUSTOMER-mrhnqfx1- :

Only for skype

cvd4311 :

Okay, then go to the wrench, Select "Settings", go to "Under the hood" and click on "Content settings

make sure allow local data to be set is clicked on.
also try Internet Explorer to log into FB, see if it is still giving you a blank page
you can also go into your anti virus and add google chrome and facebook as an exception (or allow it to run).
JACUSTOMER-mrhnqfx1- :

Local data is on

cvd4311 :

okay good. go to IE and log into FB and see what you get?

Open your anti virus

go to settings
go to firewall in settings
set block all network traffic to "unblocked"
or under program rules tab scroll down to google chrome and facebook and set access to "allow"
or type in and set to allow.

Try IE or Firefox and see if FB comes up blank.
JACUSTOMER-mrhnqfx1- :

OK but this will take a while. IE takes a long time to load

cvd4311 :

okay are you on a mac computer?

this is what I am seeing:

There are many different problems going on with using Chrome to view Facebook right now. If you dont want to have these problems, the easy solution is to stop using Chrome for now (Firefox works flawlessly), until it is either fixed, or Facebook fixes whatever they are changing. It is hard to know if it's a Chrome specific issue, or a Facebook specific issue, even if the problem only happens when you use Facebook.

JACUSTOMER-mrhnqfx1- :


cvd4311 :

firefox might download quicker.

do me a favor, try typing this into your google chrome browser area:

JACUSTOMER-mrhnqfx1- :

Ok you are a genius, I got the page open again. I am actually doing this for my husband who really battles with computers. Thanks.

Do I have to use IE everytime from now on?

cvd4311 :

google chrome is crashing a lot so you might have to use IE until google chrome fixes whatever is wrong with it. go back to google chrome and type in that link I gave you and see if it works.

you can also download firefox also just to have an extra browser.
JACUSTOMER-mrhnqfx1- :

Tried the link in Chrome but got the blank screen

Will use IE instead.
cvd4311 :

okay, google chrome is having a big issue (has for about 2 weeks now) and it goes in and out. try using IE for a bit and also download firefox.

JACUSTOMER-mrhnqfx1- :

OK, will do

cvd4311 :

glad I could be of some help.

cvd4311 and 3 other Computer Specialists are ready to help you