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Need to unlock my Yahoo e-mail account

Customer Question

Need to unlock my Yahoo e-mail account
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  assistyounow replied 5 years ago.

assistyounow :

Hi I will try to help you today



assistyounow :


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I understand

assistyounow :

ok thanks let me get the infor you need



assistyounow :


Lets go through the Options:
STEPS TO REGAIN ACCESS AUTOMATICALLY:Visit and select "I forgot my password", enter the security letters and click Next. On the next page you will be given the option for a password XXXXX to be sent to an alternative email if you provided one on your Account. If you didn't don't worry, see below.
If you did not enter an alternative email address on your account it will ask you the answers to two verification questions which you would have supplied when you opened or updated the account. If you answer these exactly as entered you will be granted access to your account.
If you cant answer or don't recognize your questions have been changed by someone other than yourself, you will need to select “These are not my questions” however this will prompt you to answer the previous security questions that were on the account and this option is available for a limited time only when the questions have been changed.
STEPS TO REGAIN ACCESS USING CUSTOMER SERVICE If you are unable to access the account through an alternative email or you are not offered the right questions or cant remember the correct security answers, you will need to contact Yahoo support at
and select "Yahoo Account" and describe the problem. They usually come back to you in with a day or two. Sometimes they are available to chat to live on this same page during business hours depending on your location.

SECURE THE ACCOUNT ONCE YOU CAN LOGINFirst change your password. You do this by selecting the menu at the far top left where it says "Hi (account name)" and selecting "Account Info" then "Change your password. Change your password XXXXX a secure password XXXXX 6 or more letters including numbers and characters such as $!$ etc. Write the new password XXXXX!
Secondly check your security questions and alternative email address have not been changed by the intruder by clicking on "Update password-reset info" and change the questions and check that the alternative email address is owned by you.
There are also some other higher security measures available on this page worth considering to prevent future issues such as "Second Sign in Verification" and you can read about them here too.

RESTORING MISSING EMAIL AND CONTACTS?If any of your contacts are missing go here and complete the full form:
MISSING MAIL?To restore Missing Mail go here and also complete the form:
The best Yahoo page for restoration help and advice containing the above links is also at
This Answer should provide you with enough information to regain access and secure your Yahoo Account. If you have any questions you can reply to me here, even after you click ACCEPT. I want you to be satisfied and hope this helps. Have a great day ;-)
Thanks for your question. Please dont forget to <font color=RED>[B>ACCEPT[/B> my Answer once you are satisfied so I am credited for my time!

assistyounow :

sorry the chat ystem seems to have formatted that badly, can I paste that again in a clearer way ?

assistyounow :

did you get that?


I think so. Must I accept before trying it?

assistyounow :

sure or i can post again

assistyounow :

you can come back even after accepting with any questions, its no pronlem

assistyounow :

i will continuie to help you until you are satisfied


How would I come back?

assistyounow :

press CTRL and D

assistyounow :

that will bookmark that page and if you have registered with justanswer (optional) they will send you an email link too

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The address did not respond to my question
Expert:  assistyounow replied 5 years ago.
Hi What do you mean address Explain more what the issue is please Thanks.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I entered and got a page the asked about my e mail problem but then got a screen saying they could not connect with that page.
Expert:  assistyounow replied 5 years ago.
Thats Very Strange. Seems like you have internet connection issues too.

Which option did you select on that page?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have not come back on this issue for a week as I had hope that they would eventually unlock my account. I have finally given up on that e-mail account and suffer greatly the loss of messages and contacts. Your advice only led me to a page the computer said was not available. I certainly am not 100% satisfied, In fact have the feling I was taken! You may be answering me but of course I can not enter my e-mail, You may reach me at [email protected] if you have any other ideas. Usually when I come back with a reply I am told my :expert" is either away fro the computer or working with another customer, but I see you do eventually reply, but not in a way that gets my account unlocked. I will continue to attempt to reach someone at Yahoo. I clearly understand that ATT can do nothing.
Expert:  assistyounow replied 5 years ago.
ahhhh you didn't say "ATT Yahoo" in your question you just said "Yahoo".

The Procedure for Access to your ATT/SBC/SNET Yahoo Web Mail Account is slightly different from the standard Yahoo Webmail Site.
This is because AT&T Control the logins as it is sometimes combined with AT&T Internet Access Accounts.

OPTION ONE - Reset Password
1/ Go to
2/ Click on the "Mail" Icon
3/ Click on the "Forgot password?" text link
4/ Enter your User ID
5/ Choose to a) Answer Security Question or b) Receive a Temporary Password
a) If you Choose to a) Answer the Security Questions - you will need to enter your ZIP code, and answer the Security Questions that you created when you opened the account and you will be granted access to the email account
b) If you choose to receive a Temporary Password you will be required to enter your ZIP code and alternative email address you used when you signed up for the account. AN email will then be sent to you with a temporary password to access your account.
If you cannot use either of the above options please read below.

OPTION TWO - Contact Customer Support
1/ If your account has been compromised or you dont have access to the original email OR cant answer the security questions, you will need to call ATT Support.
They can verify you using Personal Information Associated with your account in order to reset the password manually.

2/ Call 1-866 755 0463 in the US and Select "Internet Services" and and "Another Problem".

3/ When you get through to an agent (and you might have to be persistent pressing "0" many times or saying "agent"

4/ The agent will ask if you are an ATT Internet Customer or just use ATT Webmail without ATT Internet access. This determines what department needs to help you access your account

5/ a) If you are an ATT Customer the agent will be able to assist you with access to your account which will include email.
b) If you only use the webmail and have your Internet service with a different provider you will need to ask the agent to transfer you to the "yahoo Email Escalation Team" who will ask you a set of personal questions in order to assist you to reset your password

Be sure to have your full email address when you call and if you have to use option b) above try to remember recent activity on the account such as emails sent and when you last logged in successfully to help the agent Identify you. Access is not guaranteed by AT&T and more likely if your account has been compromised instead of you simply forgetting your security questions and/or not using the correct alternative email.

Once you gain access to your account be sure to update the alternative email and security questions and use a password with at least 6 characters including numbers and special characters such as %$!

Let me know if that helps

Remember, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with my answer, we can continue the conversation until you’re satisfied and Accept my answer. I can address follow up questions at no extra charge and I’m always here to help. Thank you for using JustAnswer!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

As I told you, I have pretty well given up on ATT. I have called many numbers and when I tell them I have no ATT account, they simply say there is no way to help me. I have not tried the 0463 number and you do adress the situation where I am not a customer of ATT so I will give it a try. Also have never run into the "escalation team" before. Have no idea what that means but certainly worth a try.


I ended up with an ATT e-mail when I was a U-verse customer. When I moved they could no longer service my new home so I left U-verse and went to Time Warner. This is why I have no ATT account but do have an ATT e-mail name. They don't seem to like that. Will let you know what happens.. It has now been two weeks since I was locked out and I suspect there are a few hunded messages in the account.


John Ames