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Can’t log into my AOL email account. Do I have to reset the password?

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Hello, I cannot get into my aol email account. I am becoming increasingly frustrated. Firstly a pop up appeared whilst accessing my account from my mac.I entered my password. It wouldn't accept it. Next I tried to change my password. It won't accept my personal details either, which I have triple checked. It is sending password  change information to my account which I can't access!! It has now blocked me for a second time, and I need to get in my email for holiday confirmation! Please help.

cvd4311 :

sounds like your account has been hacked.

You can try this:

Try resetting the browser, open Internet Explorer, then click the tools menu at the top of the window (press ALT on the keyboard if you don't see it, this will make it appear) > Then go to Internet Options, Click the Advanced tab > Click the reset button > Press the reset button again > Click close, ok > Restart Internet Explorer and go to

Then - click the forgot password link (don't fill anything out), it should now let you reset your password.

If that doesn't work clear you cache and history in your browser then instead of using safari, use IE or google chrome.

is your aol free or the paid version?

JACUSTOMER-mb9p3fg4- :

It is the free version, i will try what you suggest now, will it work immediately as it says i have been locked out for 24 hours?

cvd4311 :

Okay, if you still can't get into your account then you can call aol at


Tell them that your security questions have been changed and it seems that your account has been hacked.

And you tried all of this:

To reset your password:

1. Go to My Account.

2. On the Sign In screen, under the Password ***** click the Forgot Password? link.

3. Type your Username or email address in the first text box.

4. In the second text box, type the characters displayed in the image exactly as you see them and clickNext.

Note: If you don’t see the image clearly, click the refresh button to the right to display a new image. If that doesn’t help, click the volume button to hear the code.

5. We need to verify that this account belongs to you. Click on one of the options listed to confirm that the same information was provided by you when you created the account. The available options are:

Note: In some cases you may be asked to choose an additional option. If you need further assistance, please call Member Services at 1-***-***-**** from 8AM to 10PM ET.

that is another number you can reach them by.

Please click accept and leave feedback if you are satisfied with my answer so that I might get credit for this question.

JACUSTOMER-mb9p3fg4- :

Hi, Your first suggestion didnt work quite how you said, i dont have internet explorer but managed to clear cache and reset browser on safari, this didnt work. i have tried your second option and that wont work, its saying i am locked out for 24 hours. The numbers you have suggested are not recognized, I am in the uk, are they American? Still no email :-(

cvd4311 :

has the 24 hours passed as of yet?

JACUSTOMER-mb9p3fg4- :

No, but i have just done all this, waited 24 hours and it still wouldn't accept my information.

This is my third attempt, the problem is, the system is sending my reset password ***** to the account i cant access.

cvd4311 :

this is what it is saying for the UK:

If you've forgotten the password ***** any of your AOL Screen Names, you can choose a new password ***** without needing to contact AOL Customer Services.

Simply try signing on to the AOL Screen Name in question, as normal. If you get the password ***** twice, you will be given the option to reset the password, provided you can verify your identity by confirming certain details about your AOL account (for example, the name of the account holder).

Note: This feature only works when connecting to AOL via modem or broadband (not TCP/IP) and is not available when signing on as a Guest.

If you encounter problems resetting your password, sign on to any of your other AOL Screen Names and go to AOL Keyword: Live Help. If you have no other Screen Names, phone AOL Member Services on 0870(###) ###-####for further support.
JACUSTOMER-mb9p3fg4- :

I have tried their live help, it wasnt any help! i will try the phone number you have given

cvd4311 :

okay that is the only phone number they are giving out.

JACUSTOMER-mb9p3fg4- :

The number is ***** in use, it is redirecting me to aol broadband, i have already tried them, they couldnt help and forwarded me to another company that had no idea what i was talking about!!

Is there any way i can get to speak to someone at aol mail help???

cvd4311 :

that is the only number that they are giving out for the UK.

  • General enquiries (including technical support and billing): by telephone on 0844(###) ###-####/strong>*
  • Broadband enquiries: by telephone on 0844(###) ###-####/strong>*
  • Membership cancellations: by telephone on 0844(###) ###-####/strong>*
  • All telephone enquiries from outside the UK: Please dial +44(###) ###-####/strong>

those are all the phone numbers for them if you can't reset online once you click on forgot password ***** can't access account.

JACUSTOMER-mb9p3fg4- :

Thanks for your time but unfortunately you do not seem to be able to help me :-(

cvd4311 :

nothing helped in resetting password ***** calling aol?

JACUSTOMER-mb9p3fg4- :

I had already tried all the numbers you gave me, no good.

They all take you to aol broadband who cannot help despite much asking, they give a number that doesnt answer, i had already tried all that and password ***** before contacting you.

cvd4311 :

the only other way is to go to and can't access account, then click on either txt code to phone, alternative email address or answer security questions. did you try all three.

they are saying this is for the UK:

If you do not know the correct password ***** your screen name, we can help you.

Here's what to do:
Web users: Click the I forgot my password link on the Screen Name Service sign-in screen. Enter your screen name and the letters/numbers you see in the image, then click Next . Soon after submitting your screen name you will receive an email from the Screen Name Service asking you to confirm your request to reset your password. Enter your new password ***** the fields provided and click submit .

Broadband Members: If you use our broadband connection, including DSL, cable, or satellite, you need to call Member Services to reset your password.

To reset your password ***** you connect to our broadband service with a dial-up modem

1. Start the software and on the sign-on screen then choose the screen name for which you have forgotten your password ***** the Select Screen Name list.

2. Click Forgot Password .

3. Click Yes to confirm that you have the information listed on the Verifying Your Account window, and then click Continue .

4. Type information requested to verify you are an authorised account user, and then click OK .

5. Type your new password ***** in the spaces provided, and then click OK .

JACUSTOMER-mb9p3fg4- :

yes tried all that previous to contacting you, the problem is that to send a reset password ***** an alternative email it requires me to enter mothers maiden name, which i did but it would not accept it. i think i will have to revert to aol online help.

cvd4311 :

yes if it is not accepting maiden name then aol online help will help you reset it. sounds like someone has changed your mother's maiden name (account might have been hacked) since you know that is the name that is correct.

JACUSTOMER-mb9p3fg4- :

I tried the link, it wont work cos i am locked out.

cvd4311 :

if you are locked out then you will have to wait 24 hours to try the link again (aol thinks you are spamming them). after 24 hour then you can go to the link.

are you going to or which one are you trying?

or this is their aol email support form:

and of course this is live help website:

JACUSTOMER-mb9p3fg4- :

i am going to and then to mail. The problem is when it unlocks tommorrow it will either send a change password ***** to the account i cant access, or if i try to enter an alternative email it wants my mothers maiden name which it wont accept, until it eventually locks me out again. it seems i will have to persist will aol online help, i had hoped it might be easier using a paid site. but thanks anyway.

cvd4311 :

try the third link or the first link today before 24 hours is up and see if they can do anything right now.

it should let you in today with the 3rd link which is live help and the email should be tomorrow.

JACUSTOMER-mb9p3fg4- :

your links are all outdated, but its ok i know how to find aol mail help, ive already been on it

cvd4311 :

the links that I posted where from uk aol. but you can do it from good luck.

JACUSTOMER-mb9p3fg4- :

Should i pay? The new things you suggested didnt work. I am now back to doing what i was doing before. please advise.

cvd4311 :

did you try the live chat on

when you go to 3rd link, click on Live Help where AOL Customer Service Representatives are available online to answer your questions and it will take you to your aol screen name, but from what I can see you have to click on forgot password ***** it will take you to another screen where you input your screen name and the characters below that and click on next.

make sure you do this before contacting live help (sometimes you can't get them if you don't):

o clear cache, cookies and history in Safari:

1. In your browser, click the Safari drop-down menu and click Empty Cache.

2. Click Empty to confirm.

3. Click the Safari menu again and click Preferences.

4. In the Security window, click Show Cookies and then click Remove All to delete all cookies.

5. Click Remove All in the pop-up window.

6. Click Done and close the window.

7. Click the History menu, scroll down to the end of the list and click Clear History and then click Clear to confirm.

8. Close all open windows.

JACUSTOMER-mb9p3fg4- :

when i get to the security window, its says nothing about cookies. i have tried the last link you supplied and got an advisor twice, but for some reason i cannot reply. nowhere to type.

cvd4311 :

when you click on link above it goes to a screen that says AOL live help. You then input your name, email address and the question, then click on chat now at the bottom.

You will see this before you input your name:

Welcome to AOL Password ***** Live Help support! Agents are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please enter all required information and click Chat Now button to get connected to an Agent.

JACUSTOMER-mb9p3fg4- :

I finally got through on the number that wouldnt answer yesterday, hopefully all sorted just going to check now. The link to live help didnt help, i managed to talk to someone but when i gave my address the said they couldnt help, gave a number that was american i think and not recognized in the uk, and signed off without waiting for my reply.

Yes all done now thanks for your help

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