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Nick H.
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I had to restore/back up my IPAD (new one) How long does this

Resolved Question:

I had to restore/back up my IPAD (new one) How long does this take? Been over 24 hours. Cover is on, it's locked and plugged in and also has wifi. Help
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Nick H. replied 5 years ago.

SVITExperts :

Hi and welcome to

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will assist you with your issues.

SVITExperts :

are you using windows XP?

Customer: Sorry, this computer is vista ultimate
SVITExperts :

oh ok

SVITExperts :

so this is your new ipad?

SVITExperts :

so you are trying to restore it?

Customer: Yes, but I'm communicating from my old IPAD
SVITExperts :

your new ipad is stuck on itunes?

Customer: No, ICloud restore
SVITExperts :


SVITExperts :

on your new ipad, what does the screen say?

Customer: When I go to settings/iCloud it says this iPad is being restored and will back up when complete
SVITExperts :

Please restart your ipad.

SVITExperts :

HOLD the power button (on /off) and home button for 10-12 seconds. Ignore the Turn off Message

SVITExperts :

Release the buttons when the apple logo appears.

Customer: Ok. Done
SVITExperts :

now please go back to settings and icloud

SVITExperts :

try to do a backup

Customer: Same message. --- nothing changed
SVITExperts :

Please reset your ipad settings

Customer: How do I do that?
SVITExperts :

On your ipad, go to Settings->General->Reset->Reset all settings (1st option). Your ipad will be restarted and you will be prompted to configure Language, Wifi, Location Service and iCloud. Then test your ipad again.

Please let me know if these reset worked or not. Thank you.

Customer: I set up as a new iPad. Same message --- currently being restored etc
Customer: Should I stop the restore and try reset again?
SVITExperts :

Please stop the restore and reset.

SVITExperts :

Did you sync your old ipad to itunes on a computer?

Customer: Yes and Also on iCloud
SVITExperts :

so please connect your new ipad to computer

SVITExperts :

open iTunes and RIGHT CLICK on the ipad and select Restore from Backup.

SVITExperts :

This will restore all the info from your old ipad backup to this new ipad

Customer: It is sync ing, however the majority of apps , contact, and other things are on the cloud not on itunes
Customer: And iTunes is set to back up to iCloud
SVITExperts :

When it is done with syncing, see if you can RIGHT CLICK on your ipad and select Restore from Backup.

SVITExperts :

Is your new ipad still syncing?

Customer: Yes.
SVITExperts :


Customer: It has stopped halfway thru sync ing apps. No whirling thing
SVITExperts :

Please reset your ipad. HOLD the power and home buttons for 12 seconds. Ignore the Turn off Message. Release them when the apple logo appears. Then check to see if you can see apps and data on the new ipad.

Customer: Yes. There are a few slowly loading but the majority are there.
SVITExperts :

So your ipad did the restore. If you don't see any thing else, you can always connect the new ipad to computer and click Sync again.

Customer: Ok. Thanks for your help. I generally do not sync from a computer, will iCloud automatically sync as it usually does?
SVITExperts :

Sometimes because of the connection it does corrupt the syncing process.

SVITExperts :

I recommend my customers to do the restore on computer before using icloud sync

Customer: But that's only if I need to restore. On a daily basis I shouldn't have to connect to a computer. I rarely did on the old iPad
SVITExperts :

Yes only the first time. You don't have to connect to a computer since you are synced to icloud.

Customer: Ok. Thanks again
SVITExperts :

You are welcomed. Please click accept my answer so I can get credit.

SVITExperts :

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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