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Nalosin, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Computer
Satisfied Customers: 1578
Experience:  8+ years in troubleshooting and supporting computers, networks, mobile phones and peripherials.
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My send button disappeared, I can not send emails. Toolbar

Customer Question

My send button disappeared, I can not send emails. Toolbar containing send option has disappeared from Mozilla Thunderbird email that I compose or reply.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  Nalosin replied 5 years ago.

Nalosin : Hello
Nalosin : I can try to help on your question
Nalosin : Do you have a menu on top of thunderbird window
JACUSTOMER-xa0j248w- :

Yes, I have a menu File,Edit...

Nalosin : Ok can you click on View, then there should be toolbar
JACUSTOMER-xa0j248w- :

On email I have Get Mail Write Address book and tag

JACUSTOMER-xa0j248w- :

I clicked on Tool bar and there was menu bar, links and lock the tool bars

Nalosin : Did you had buttons previously where you have get mail,Write, adress book
Nalosin : Is that the place where you are missing toolbar buttons?
JACUSTOMER-xa0j248w- :

Can't remember but when I try to send an email or replay, there is now no button. Earlier today I noticed that it said send later and I thought that was odd as it use to say send now. I clicked around and now I don;t have any button!

Nalosin : Did you try to close and open thunderbird?
Nalosin : When you click Write and compose window message is open, there click on View -> Toolbar, and let me know if toolbar showed up
JACUSTOMER-xa0j248w- :

I once turned off the computer and then started it again. No change. When I hit write, no send button appears.

JACUSTOMER-xa0j248w- :

I click on write and nothing appears except my name and To. No view or anything else to click on

Nalosin : Ok did you try to open Write
Nalosin : Then View ->Toolbar
JACUSTOMER-xa0j248w- :

I open write and there is no tool bar, no view just from and to

Nalosin : You don't have any menu there?
JACUSTOMER-xa0j248w- :

No, no menu

Nalosin : Can you try to right-click on are above from and to fields and check if you will get any drop-down menu
JACUSTOMER-xa0j248w- :

Right clicked from, to address lines everything, no luck

JACUSTOMER-xa0j248w- :

When I clicked tool bars, I think menu bars and tool bars locked were checked

Nalosin : Can you click just above from field
JACUSTOMER-xa0j248w- :

What do you mean field? Perhaps we should give it up. I am not good enough to work my way around,

Nalosin : Can you try this: Go to Start -> Mozzila Thunderbird and start Thunderbird (Safe mode) and try to click on Write and let me know if you got toolbar
JACUSTOMER-xa0j248w- :

There is no safe mode option . Can I use the Run bar

Nalosin : Yes
Nalosin : Please type this in Start->Run
Nalosin : thunderbird -safe-mode
JACUSTOMER-xa0j248w- :

Windows can not find. Sorry, but I think I need to quit. You have been very kind but to no avail. It's me, not you.

Nalosin : Ok. If you want I can send instructions how to reset toolbar to default settings. That should help
JACUSTOMER-xa0j248w- :

That may be too complicated for me, best if I quit now, and once again, thank you for your efforts. Roberta

Nalosin : Ok. Thank you for using

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