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How do I reset or get past my system bios password XXXXX my toshiba

Customer Question

How do I reset or get past my system bios password XXXXX my toshiba satellite p 775 - s7320 ? I cannot get into my computer because I forgot my password XXXXX the password XXXXX comes on before the operating system even starts
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Computer
Expert:  MrComputer2010 replied 5 years ago.

MrComputer2010 :

The valid answer is that there is no reset for bios password in modern laptops. You will need to contact Toshiba and send your computer to an authorized service center and they will remove the password. However, on some toshibas if you remove the memory cover on the back side and maybe some plastic "tape" or covering you may find something labled JCMOS. if you short this connection with a wire it may remove the password. ****PLEASE NOTE THAT DOING THIS THERE IS A RISK YOU TAKE AND YOU MAY DAMAGE THE LAPTOP**** I do not reccomend this but I wanted to provide you with a complete answer. See this video for more information: Thank you, if this helped you please click Accept!

MrComputer2010 :

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MrComputer2010 :

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