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My HP notebook G72 wont charge. I bought a new battery, but

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My HP notebook G72 won't charge. I bought a new battery, but it still says plugged in not charging. Before I buy a new charger, I wanted to know if there is a problem that is common to these computers and what I need to do to fix it.

This sounds like an issue with your charger. I think replacing the charger will resolve your problem.


If you unplug the charger from your laptop, look inside the round circle that goes inside of the notebook. Inside this circle is a wire in the center, if that wire is bent or broken than the charger will behave as you have described, it provides power but does not charge the battery.

If you can see the wire in there is bent, unplug from wall outlet (of course) and you could try and straighten it, usually it will break though and you will end up needing to replace the charger.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The wire does not look bent or broken. Is there anything else that could be wrong if a new charger doesn't fix the problem.

I am about 95% sure a new charger would resolve your problem...

There is something you can try though to see if this could be a software problem on your laptop and not a broken/loose wire in your ac adapter.

Shutdown the computer completely so that it is off, then plug in the notebook for several hours and see if you are able to get your battery to fully charge. If the computer will charge while it is turned off, but not while it is on...then we may need to look at some things in your operating system.

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