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I have a Samsung R530 laptop that suddenly wont turn on. I

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I have a Samsung R530 laptop that suddenly wont turn on.
I have plugged the battery in and the greeen light is on the battery, however on the back on the battery where you can press 'push' it showing 20% so not sure what that means.
Can you advise please?

Welcome to JustAnswer !! I am Andy and I will be glad to help you out with your issue today.

Please answer all these questions 1 to 4 point by point.

1. When you press the power button to turn it on, do you see any thing on screen, like the Samsung boot up screen or something like that. Or is it completely blank (black color) always.

2. Can you see a faint image of your desktop (try to see it in dark place with flash light). This is important to confirm.

3. Also, when you press power button, do you see the LED lights on laptop blinking or solid green (which ones are in blinking/solid) and do hear any sound ? Or do you feel that your laptop doesnt even try to boot.

4. Can you hear any Beeps when you try to turn on the computer. If yes, what is the sequence of those beeps.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Point 1 - Screen is completely blank

Point 2 - There is no faint image

Point 3 - When pressing the power button, nothing is lighting up on the laptop and there is no sound. It doesnt feel like the laptop is botting up at all

Point 4 - There are no beeps. No noise at all.

Hi, Thank you for the information.

Please do the following carefully and let me know result :
1. Shutdown and Unplug your laptop.
2. Remove the battery from the laptop.
3. Wait 2-3 minutes
4. Now press ON (power button on laptop) for 1 minute
5. Then release the finger and wait one more minute.
6. Now plug in the power cable (dont insert battery yet) and press ON button.
7. Did your screen start working now ? (do you see windows loading)

Let me know how it goes. Do you see any change in LEDs on/blinking.

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Andy and 3 other Computer Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Can I now click on start up repair to restore the computer using system restore?Which is appearing on the screen now.





































































































































































You can do it if you want to restore the system

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for all your help. Its working now.


Happy New Year!